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I loved Scotland! It was what I imagined Europe would be like, lots of green, green fields, sheep and many nice people! It was gorgeous and we went to our first castle there, the Edinburgh Castle!

The castle was so cool, much darker than I imagined, I think I am more of a Palace girl :) HAHA kidding, kind of. But it was really cool to see it and the Scotland Crown Jewels! It was interesting to be in some place that was so old and historical. It rained a TON that day though, so glad I had my boots, but it was this day I realized I didn’t have a heavy enough jacket.

I went to TopShop and got a jacket, which I wore every day for the rest of the trip as well! It was super warm and another good purchase and it’s plaid on the inside to remind me of Scotland. Good idea right? HAHA. We were suppose to go to the Military Tattoo that night which is a huge display of all different military bands and groups from all over the world, and we prayed the rain would stop so we could enjoy it. WHICH IT DID! Just for the show! Hooray!

We traveled back up to the castle after dinner and got in our seats for the show, which was incredible. I have never seen anything so amazing! It was so well put together and the music and sites throughout the show were amazing! There was a lot of great lighting and sound and it was very regal. Something to remember forever. There’s the lovely jacket, that you’ll be seeing much more of :)

Had to take a picture with some Scottish Military/police right? :) We were so grateful that the rain stopped just enough to enjoy the show, because it would have been miserable in the rain all evening.

It was seriously amazing and no pictures or videos do it justice! We left Edinburgh :(, which was sad because it was a really fun town, I only wish we got to see more of it when it wasn’t raining and headed up north to see more of the Highlands. We stopped by the ruins of the St. Andrews Cathedral, which was incredible! It would have been such a pretty cathedral if the townspeople didn’t flip out and rip it down… Weird.

The coastline of Scotland in front of the ruins of the cathedral were gorgeous!

Then, we stopped by Saint Andrews Golf Course which was amazing! It was so cool to see since I’ve watched the British open on TV quite a few times.

That night we were up deep in the highlands and we stayed at a WAY country hotel, it was cool though because our room was in a tower like setting and this was actually our key!

It was a fun hotel with dinner with our touring group and such amazing sites all around us! Sheep and goats and cows. The valley was incredible that we stayed in! So serene.

Everywhere we went in Scotland it was so green, hence why it must have rain so much… :/ But it was great once I had my big jacket and boots. There were SO many sheep everywhere too, I loved seeing them all! The next day we traveled more through the  highlands and went on a little cruise on a Lake Lomond. We also went through Glencoe and saw another manor which was amazing but again, no pictures.

Here we are at a War Memorial. It was sad to see so many people’s names who have passed away fighting for their country over so many years.

Yes we were looking for Nessie and yes it was freezing and raining of course! We also stopped in Gretna Green where many people used to run away to get married at since the rules were different in Scotland than they were in England.

I had a delicious gingerbread there and then it was off to the lovely land of Ireland! We took a ferry across and I didn’t realize that it would take so long to get across, and it took us 3.5 hours.



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