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So a while back I promised I would do a Q&A while I was gone on vacation. I failed and now am going to do it! oh well. :)

Nicole asked quite a few questions:

What inspires you to stay healthy and fit? I think it’s a mixture of many things. I realized not long ago that we are what we eat. I know it sounds stupid and like something that everyone should know, but I just never lived like that. I was such a twig in high school because I ran about 3-4 hours a day and worked out like a freak playing soccer and running cross country and track. I wasn’t a ‘women’ yet. When about 20-22 hit, along with alcohol, my body did the ‘womanly’ change. A guy on my cross country team even asked if I got a boob job. HAHA, which I didn’t, I just wasn’t skin and bones anymore. I truthfully can attest that I never really weigh myself and I really am into how I feel and look, and not a number on the scale. I think how I feel after I work out and accomplish a goal and how strong I feel when I lift weights is what inspires me to keep going.

Does Bryan like to workout too??? Bryan is a workout FREAK! He loves working out. Before I met him, he would work out 2-3 hours a day. Must be nice to have that kind of time right? :) He loves swimming and has to stay in shape for work as well. We love going to the gym together though.

Are you guys going to get a dog when you get back from Europe? HA! Bryan and I have differing opinions on this. We both love dogs. His family has three where he currently lives and I have two that belong to my roommates. We both agree on a much needed dog break and agree on only having one dog. We also agree that the dog we get one day will be somewhat small, but with long enough legs to run with me, smart and non shedding. :) One day we’ll get one, we have looked at both the lakeland terrier and the miniature Airedale terrier breeds.  I’ll need someone to talk to while B is at work! :) Maybe one that looks about like this….

What kind of purse are you carrying right NOW!? :) I am carrying my trusty Coach purse that I’ve had for the last 3 years! it’s just black and plain but I’ve found it goes with everything.

Another lovely Nicole had another good question…

If you had a Saturday free and money was no option, what would be your ideal way to spend the day? :) I wish there were more hours in the day that’s for sure. I would start off with a nice run around 5 miles and then would clean. I love cleaning. I would maybe go up to Santa Monica and walk around up there, I love all the eclectic stores up there. I would love to go for more hikes and be outdoors more, finished off by watching Stepbrothers and eating sushi. :)

A fellow Danica asked:

Do you ever give an easier name at Starbucks or do you just wait to see how they spell it each time? I just say Danica, and leave it up to their own spelling abilities, which usually lead to something like “Danika, Dunka, Danka, and my all time favorite, Duhneeka”

What songs are on your workout play list and do you make special play lists for long runs? I have so many play list! I do listen to one huge one on shuffle. I posted most of my play lists on here and will post a new one with some new jams soon!

Carla asked about our wedding:

I know you can talk about the wedding in detail, but were you nervous the day of? And what triggered it? I was perfectly fine all day, not nervous at all, and I kept waiting for when I’d get nervous. With me, it was when I put my veil on, much later than I expected to feel nervous. When did it happen with you? I actually was not nervous at all! Everyone said I was so calm, and when asked how I was doing I just said I was just cruising which was true. I was never actually nervous. I got very emotional at one point when I realized like the moment of it all, and yes, it’s all on camera and you’ll probably see me doing an extreme cry on TV, but it was all real and I felt like I was on the verge of tears for like an hour and then it just HAPPENED like a flood. Then they just fixed me up and I was okay after that. The worst part was being ready for an hour with nothing to do and I just wanted to see Bryan and get the show on the road! Other than that it was just a simply perfect amazing day.

J asked:

I was actually wondering where you got the inspiration for your wedding hair – if you can talk about that before the show airs? I loved that picture of you and loved your hair! Funny thing, I had no idea how I wanted to wear my hair. I have FOREVER said I wanted it down. Forever and ever and ever. When I found out what dress David chose, that morning I knew I couldn’t have my hair down with that dress. I had looked up one idea and asked David if it worked and he loved it! Here’s the link to the picture, and here’s the picture of what it looked like.

And here’s a better picture of the back of my hair.

Also what are you training for next race wise?? I am actually training for the Santa Barbara Half Marathon! B and I are going to run it with a few of his friends from work! I’m really looking forward to it!

Belinda asked:

What’s your best ab workout routine? My stomach is my problem area. I would love a little help. I swear by lots and lots of crunches and all different kinds of them. Google it. I do some with weights some without. Most of mine I found online and just do lots of them and mix it up to get all different muscles working. You can find good youtube videos too.

Also, what’s a great inner thigh workout? I do squats, leg extensions, and leg curls a lot. But my inner thigh is still a problem area. I really don’t know how to answer this! I do the machine at the gym where it’s like butterfly wings and you move your legs back and forth a lot. That works, and a lot of scissors.

Kathy asked:

What inspired you to start your blog? I actually started my blog to track my progress while training for my first half marathon back in 2008. I also really missed all the writing I did in college once I graduated. I majored in Communications with a minor in creative writing and have also looked at getting my Masters in Creative writing, but it was just not a financially smart decision at the time.

How did you find out about the wedding show and get chosen to be on there (if you can share)? Shea and I LOVED watching the show and have watched all the seasons on Womens Entertainment. The night after I got engaged she actually nominated B and I. They contacted us and asked us to fill out the applications if we were interested and from there it was a long process of applications, including two written applications and a 10 minute application video. We didn’t hear from them for 3 months and I totally thought nothing of it. They contacted us about a month before July 23rd and let us know that they picked us!

Meghan asked:

What’s your favorite race you’ve ever run? My most favorite race ever was Long Beach in 2009. It was the one race I broke 4:00 for the full marathon in. It was the most magical day ever and also the same day that I had the last first date I ever went on!

What’s training plan do you think is best for a newbie’s first half marathon? I think it’s all about what works for you. I have found out that I cannot train for very long for a full, which is hard because it’s quite a time dedication. I also have found that I can only do one long run a week. I have posted a few of my training plans from past races, but I make them all up myself.  I usually run between 15-20 miles a week not including my long run and run the long run on the weekends starting at 13 miles and bumping it up 2 miles every weekend until I hit twenty, then I do a 16 miler and then another 20 miler and then taper. Make sure it’s doable and works for your schedule.

Wendy thought this would be a fun question to ask….

Are you going to do the LA Marathon again? Well this is up in the air right now, but if I do run a full next year, I am considering it :) It’s just expensive and last year I wasn’t impressed with the medal, so for that much money, I could run two fulls, which I don’t want to but being that pricey, I definitely need to think about it before signing up.

Melisa asked about my photographer for our wedding…

Where did you find your photographer and how did you like him? I actually found him online looking through photographers. He thankfully had availability three weeks before the wedding and he was AMAZING. We just got our proofs back last night and I’m SO over the moon about them. He did such a great job and captured so much emotion, which was important to me. He is a sports photojournalist and took amazing pictures at the LA Marathon, and those are what sold him to me. I seriously am so, so happy with the pictures and cannot WAIT to show you guys!  

Shannon asked:

This will sound completely weird and corny, but what time does the sun typically set there? I know here it sets around 8:45pm and another blogger said that when she visited Detroit that it sat around 10:30pm… so that got me to wondering, when does it set in CA? LOL This is not a dumb question! The sun set SO much later while we were in Europe it messed me up! It ranges, but most of the time it sets around 7-8, and in the winter around 6-7 :( The winter isn’t as fun!

Tiffany asked:

Will Bryan run a marathon with you (or another distance), now that he’s married to the Chic Runner? B once ran 16 miles with me while I was training for LA this past spring. He wanted to kill me. Before that the most he’s ran with me was 8 miles. He likes running but doesn’t really see the point in running for THAT long. :) He will most likely stick to much shorter distances, but we are running a half together in November.

Ryce asked:

Dish on David Tutera. Is he as gorgeous in real life as he appears on TV? Does he smell good? Did he get stressed out at all in front of you? I cannot gush enough about him! He is the most genuine, nicest, friendliest person ever. He is AMAZING and never stresses out. He is hilarious and I had the time of my life with him! Seriously, he is exactly how you would think he would be, just like how he is on TV!

Sesa asked:

What do you snack on for energy during races and longer runs? I’ve been eating gels, but I’m sort of getting tired of them. I swear by peanut butter and jelly squares, they are tasty and really help me. I get so sick off gels. 

Steph asked:

What kind of training plan did you use to run your first marathon? I am beginning to think I’d like to tackle the distance and I am sucker for a good training plan :) I made one up that was all what worked for me. Here’s the best training plan that I’ve used thus far.

Kalie asked about my wedding dress:

I was wondering who made your wedding dress, absolutely love it! (well, what I can see of it!) It is by Ines de Santos! She is amazing and really makes wonderful dresses that truly are magical and special. My dress laid so well all day and fit like a glove! It’s not something I would have originally picked but once I put it on after the other two that were my options I knew it was the one. Wearing it was like a dream!

Bree asked about the age old question on kids:

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? I think I’d stay where I am. I love the weather here and the fact that I can go snowboarding and to the mountains and to the lake and to the beach so easily! I would like to move a little more out of the city though, if I had the opportunity.

Are there going to be any mini Chicrunners soon???? Hopefully not! We don’t want to even think about that for three years, then it will be on the table for discussion. :)

Danielle had quite a few questions for me too :)

Hey Danica! I came up with a few questions :)
Besides running, what other hobbies do you have? I love writing and reading. I don’t read enough though. I love swimming but I don’t do it often enough, and like many, I love a good TV show! :)
Are you going to be running Long Beach 1/2 or full this year? I don’t run Long Beach since I will be working the event with my company Run Racing. I’ll be running off monster and coffee race morning, struggling with not sleeping for the previous three days, so running a race is not an option! :)
You seem so confident and free spirited, did you ever struggle with confidence? I think that I never had problem in confidence because my mom always taught me to be myself and it is what it is. I do weird stuff a lot. I speak in weird voices, am super klutzy, I do silly dances and am a freak most of the time, but it is who I am and you gotta just embrace it. As my friend Maritza says, ‘let the freak flag fly’.
Your job seems so awesome. But what did you want to be when you were in college? Did you think you would end up in the field you’re in, or did you have totally different ideas for a career? I wanted to be in advertising or do something with writing. I had no idea what I wanted to be, and did some special event planning and work for three years back then too,which helped lead me to my job today.

Jill asked:

I met you years ago waiting for the bathrooms at a race my dad was running. I’m always too nervous to ever come up and say hi. So my question is” is it weird when your blog fans come up and say hi at races??? This is not a weird question at all! In the very beginning when someone recognized me it was a little strange, but it now is much more normal especially with my job! I always love talking to everyone and it means so much to meet people who read my blog!


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