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So Ireland was my favorite! It was so, so pretty, I cannot put into words how beautiful it was and pictures don’t do it justice either, but here are just a few of the lovely country!

We started off the day with a tour of the Dublin Castle,which is still used for Stately functions today! It was pretty cool to see everything and how old everything is. I can’t get over how old everything is over in Europe. I guess that is the charm that comes with it! You are standing in a place where so many people have stood over hundreds of years!

Outside the Dublin Castle before the rain started, are you surprised? :) Yay you can see my ombre hair here!

On our way to the Guinness Factory tour we stopped by a huge Park in Dublin. It was beautiful! The parks over there are so nice and clean and have so many great jogging paths and there were so many active people there, even in the rain!

We were both excited to see and try the Dublin Favorite! Though B looks drunk I think we were both a little tired.

The tour was fantastic and it was really cool to see how they’ve created such a great beer, and yes, Guinness there is amazing! I don’t like Guinness at ALL at home and here it was so much different, yes I tasted it and loved it.

And I finished my whole glass! It was delicious and we picked up a bottle opener from here for our new house :)

We got the afternoon to wander around town for a bit where we stopped in a few stores and started to quickly realize that everything in Ireland was much more expensive than over in England. We didn’t buy much but some people who were on our tour picked us up on our walk back to the hotel in their carriage. It was so much fun!

The next day after leaving Dublin we stopped at the Ireland National Stud where they breed many of their prized horses. There were horses there costing millions of dollars, it was a nice but brisk morning, and a gorgeous stable! So much fun to see everything there as I actually used to ride horses. We saw a few mares and foals and miniature horses and then of course the stallions, which were gorgeous! One horse, the most expensive one there, was 60,000 euros JUST to have your mare breed with. That is INSANE.

I did get quite a special treat in the Japanese Garden cafe at the stables though, YUM!

Then we went onward and stopped at a town called Cashel for lunch, which was incredible. There was a huge castle on the hill and you had to pay to go in but we walked up to it and looked around the hills. It was simply gorgeous! We finally got to Killarney that evening and had dinner and went to sleep. The next day we had our Ring of Kerry Drive, which I was looking forward too.

The drive did not disappoint! It was seriously one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen, such green, deep valleys, ocean views, crystal clear water, granite everywhere, it was just beautiful.

There was one rest stop that we stopped at and there was a person there with sheep and he let me pet one baby! It was so fun and cute. It was one thing that I really wanted to do since we were seeing them all over the hillsides!

Bryan and I got a new pet! HAHA

The Ring of Kerry seriously offered amazing sites, it was just constantly looking out the window and seeing amazing things from all different angles.

This wasn’t as scary as it looked but B’s mom was screaming at me to get down and wouldn’t take the picture. :( It was SO pretty though! the waters were crystal clear, and looked freezing haha.

This may sum up Ireland… HAHAHHAHA BIG COUNTRY!

This was toward the end of the Ring of Kerry and it was crazy how much water was everywhere, this day we were SO lucky with the weather, the rain held out until that evening! haha, the day was just gorgeous and it really allowed us to see the beauty of Ireland!

So much land full of water! The valleys, everywhere we looked there were little lakes and streams and puddles. :) The next day we went on to visit the Blarney Castle! Another thing I was looking forward too.

There were SO many small spaces and stairs to climb up to the 5th floor which was the top of the castle! I knew I wanted to kiss the blarney stone and you had to lean upside down and over the railing to do it. I just didn’t think about falling and did it! I was pretty proud of myself to doing it, even if it is unsanitary.

Leaning over and kissing the stone! It was a lot farther down that I thought it was and the guide who was holding onto me was like oh it’s down there, I was thinking you just had to back bed and kiss it, nope tilt WAY back. GAH

The top of the castle was so beautiful!  Out of all the castles we saw one thing I realized was that they built them all in an area where they could look over and see everything, obviously they did this so they could see their enemies coming and look over everything but man it leads to great views too! Our next stop was a factory tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory and that was REALLY cool! It is amazing how much detail and workmanship goes into each piece and how custom they are all made!

This isn’t even out yet to the public but it is a special piece for the 2012 London Olympics. Also, there are no ‘2nds’ at Waterford, it has to pass six rounds of inspection to make sure it’s perfect and if not it’s SMASHED! We even saw a vase get smashed :( but they melt it down and reuse it but STILL. All the work went into it and it was just thrown away! GAH!

Overall Ireland was just beautiful sites and great places to visit, the food was much better here than in England too :) We had to take a ferry back over to Wales and it took 4.5 hours this time! But all was well when we landed in Wales and we saw some more beautiful countryside on the way to our hotel.


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