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So as you may know by now, B and I are heading to Europe for our honeymoon, or as I call it, the familymoon since his parents and brother are coming too! I get along well with his family so I am not worried about anything. I am sure many of you think I am crazy! The trip has been planned for a while and since we got married much sooner than we planned, we rechristened the trip to our Familymoon! We are both so excited to celebrate with his family and each other. I am so excited as I have never been outside the US besides Mexico and Canada! It will be so much fun and we are going to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and are gone for a total of 18 days. We are going with a tour group so we don’t miss any super cool spots and since none of us have been there we figured it would be better to see the sites with a tour guide first, instead of throwing us all in a van on the wrong side of the road, becuase that would be nothing less than complete chaos. Here’s a map of where we are going:

I am so looking forward to the trip and seeing so many cool places that I never even imagined that I would see. Though I must admit, I am at a little bit of a loss with a few things.You’re advice is much appreciated

1. WHAT THE HECK TO PACK? I get one suitcase. less than 50 lbs. I’ve already made the (horrific) decision to not bring my straightener, for the fact that it might explode and that mama is pricey. So it’s braids and buns and messy hair for me. The weather is suppose to be pretty cloudy, rainy-ish and humid while we are there. I don’t have many dresses.. so jeans and shorts? I’m also going minimal makeup. Hey, we’re married now, he can’t leave me! HAHA

2. I HATE FLYING. It’s true, I HATE flying and this 10 hour plane ride to London is a making my heart pitter patter. How do you deal with flying? We are taking a red eye there on Virgin and back as well. What do you do to not stress out?

3. SHOES. So I assume we’ll be doing a lot of walking. Should I just take running shoes and flip flops. (I wear flip flops EVERY DAY)

4. BUYING RANDOM CRAP. So have you gone to another country and bought a bunch of stuff and regretted it? What would you recommend when buying things abroad. I am really a scrooge when it comes to money and I don’t want to go over there and regret not buying anything but I also don’t have unlimited funds to bring back everyone Waterford Crystal. What were some great purchases that you made on vacations that you loved… or some that you got home and though ‘why the heck did I spend 200 dollars on a stuffed cactus?!’

Any other advice you have about being careful over there, and what you loved about over seas travel or tips is seriously greatly appreciated!

I’m so looking forward to seeing Stonehenge, the lake where the loch ness monster lives and so many castles! I cannot wait!



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