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England Recap!

So onto the vacation recaps! I packed a lot of stuff, I thought, and listened to a lot of the advice I got. Scarves, jeans, tanks and sweaters, my toms, flip flops and a pair of running shoes. Out of the entire family my suitcase was the lightest! I was pretty proud of that. Here’s us before taking off!

We started off our trip in England. It was quite a flight over, with lots of turbulence which meant not much sleeping and I hate flying. Awesome. We finally landed at around noon England time. We were all pretty exhausted but knew that our bodies would switch over better if we held out to go to sleep until that evening. We were all through customs in no time and then it was onto fun!

Finally here and ready to go! We took a bus to our hotel which was about 45 minutes away from Heathrow and on Oxford street, which is a huge busy street in London, where there are tons of shops. I noticed it was much cooler than I was expecting but thought my clothes would be okay for the weather.

We walked around by our hotel for a while, we didn’t really know what to do until we went to sleep and there was so much to explore! We walked throughout Hyde Park. Hello tired eyes.

Here’s the marble arch! I guess it used to be in front of Buckingham Palace… but one of the Queens didn’t like it so it was moved! HAHA. We had dinner and finally made it to bed. Thankfully! We decided that the next day we would take the double decker bus around to see the sites of London! But before we took off from the hotel, I found this lovely taxi, which I think are the cutest cars ever, with this great ad about their latest store that just opened!

That is the the last you will see of the toms… as I wore the same shoes EVERY day for the remainder of the trip.

The bus was amazing and a great, great way to see everything pretty quickly throughout the city. The guides are helpful and you can ‘hop on and hop off’ for 24 hours. Great way to see so much of the city! It was a nice day for the most part, it started raining in the afternoon… and that’s when I realized the toms were not going to make it in the rain.

I love the red telephone booths. Until I realized 99% of them smell like urine inside.

Little did I know TopShop would save me in Scotland! :) You’ll find out more about that soon, but I have only read about TopShop and was so excited to look around in one. :)

This is Trafalgar Square, which was a huge meeting place for many people. It’s crazy to see how many people just are everywhere in the city. No one barely drives it’s ALL walking, which is cool but man there are just people coming out of everywhere! That was shocking to me for some reason. We were glad to be on the bus and not in traffic.

Big Ben! This was really excited to see and hear chiming throughout the city.

A Bridge we went over on the bus.

Ah how precious. The bus was really nice but it was still pretty chilly especially up top, but I’m so glad we did it! It was the best idea yet.

We stopped at Buckingham Palace but unfortunately there were not any changing of the guards while we were in London, which I was bummed by. There was a triathlon though! haha, but we did get tickets to go inside the Palace for the summer opening and it was AMAZING! There was even a Royal Wedding exhibit! Which was great, I was so glad we got to go in. Unfortunately we could not take pictures inside. We had food throughout our short time in London and it wasn’t that great. :/

The Palace! Going on the Palace tour was probably my favorite thing about London. Everything is so crazy, I can’t imagine having that life, and yes, I desperately wanted to get some Kate stuff, but I didn’t. :) B is proud I didn’t haha.

The Westminster Abby! Wow, it was amazing, another thing we didn’t go inside of, because of time constraints, but it was beautiful from the outside. There were SO many people waiting to go inside!

The second day there we went on a tour with the touring group we were with and we got more views of some of the same things. I still can’t get over how some of this stuff was built so long ago, with so much less technology and how it’s withstood so long!

Back in Trafalgar Square! It rained off and on during the 2nd day. We stopped by a few museums and walked all over town! We waited for a changing of the guard and it got canceled so that was a bummer.

GAH smells horrible but how can you be in London without a red phone booth photo?! One thing I did notice is that all the parks there are so nice and so many people are out enjoying the areas. It was cool to see so many people working out throughout the city and running and biking.

Yes! We went to the British Museum, which is cool that all museums there are free and they have so much stuff in them, and we saw the Rosetta Stone! That night I made the best purchase ever at a store called Marks and Spencers and got some boots since I didn’t have a pair with me. Though I was a little bummed because I got a pair almost exactly like ones I have at home, I know I will wear them in winter! Little did I know I would wear them EVERY DAY for the rest of the trip! HAHA

We started out on our tour the next day and this was on the way to Scotland. We stopped in Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born and then also saw Hadrian’s Wall, which was really cool! (notice the boots!)

We also went to York, which I loved! It was such a cute little town. :) We stopped in the York Minster which was GORGEOUS! So many beautiful tiles and such a crazy build cathedral. Again, how was this made? I don’t get it! It rained the whole time from here on out.

We also stopped in another town to see another cathedral which was really, really pretty but you couldn’t take pictures inside. Then we were onto Scotland!

This morning I took a rest day from working out, since I had run 6 miles since I got back. I am sore today! Tomorrow it’s back to the gym. The weather here has been amazing and I can’t wait to run again tomorrow morning. I’m glad I have my groove back. Tonight we have our house inspection. Here’s to no mold or dry rot! :)


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