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Weekend of FUN!

I can’t believe this weekend is over already! I tried to document all our fun with lots of pictures. First B and I kicked off the weekend getting the guys suits and ties.

We are going with something very simple because that’s how B is and this just matches our theme, we aren’t very super elegant or fancy people! So just a suit jacket and pants with that tie that we got from Nordstrom. I LOVE the tie! Then we celebrated before he left for working a three day :( with a little dinner at a local wine bar that I was looking forward to trying out.

Great food, great company and a nice, relaxing way to kick off the weekend! Friday I hit up the gym and worked my arms, as time is quickly approaching to show them off! Saturday was off to the farmers market and I also tried my hand at making the ‘easy’ red white and blue strawberries! The farmers market was a great find and I got lots of delicious fresh fruit and veggies, and two great smelling soy candles that I’m stoked on as well.

The berries were much easier said than done and my first batch didn’t turn out as well as the second batch (that I forgot to take a picture of) and brought to B’s station today and they loved! They were super tasty though! I hit up the gym as well and felt awesome after working out for an hour and a half. Lots of arms and biking. I’m really starting to feel strong! Sunday I was off to my aunt’s to celebrate my brother’s 23rd Birthday! Oh my goodness I can’t believe he’s already that old! Today is his actual birthday, but we celebrated with brownies and delicious burgers!

After we went bridesmaid dress shopping and randomly came across a dress that everyone loved! Bought and DONE!

They are really cute and were on the sale rack! Yes, I’m wearing one in the middle, but it’s because one of my bridesmaids was at work and I’m the same size as her so I had to try it on for her. So they look great and the girls love them. Imagine that, I couldn’t believe our luck and still can’t get over it! I was so excited I started acting like a Bridezilla!

Kidding! I am still waiting to flip out, but I am just going with how everything is going thus far and nothing has ruffled my feathers yet… fingers crossed! I thought this picture was funny though. Sunday night I went up to visit a friend from work and she promised me an excellent carbo load of pulled pork and mac and cheese for my 10K I was running in the morning and man it was AWESOME!

YUM! The next morning was the La Palma 10K, which I will write up a recap tomorrow! Then it was onto an awesome day at our new pool… In our driveway. Even more fun times.

and of course!!!!

WAHOOOOO! Way to go Chestnut! haha. Anyways, then our neighbors were being CRAZY and lighting off tons of illegal fireworks and tisk, tisk!

Never mess with the long arm of the law, and like 50 thousand barking dogs! The roommates and I watched fireworks from our front porch. Thank you to all the neighbors for blowing their money on them and giving us a free show. :) After hitting up the gym, cleaning and reorganizing some stuff today, Stefana and I visited B’s station for dinner and I brought them a second (and much better) batch of red white and blue strawberries and they were all very impressed with how good they were! (thankfully or B would get tons of crap for them) Sadly, they were in and out all day as he works at one of the busiest stations in the city, but it was still fun and dinner was amazing. They even had us core (a weird firehouse tradition that I don’t understand) the peanut butter brownie dessert cake. Wedding diet be gone.

YUM. Tomorrow I’ll post the La Palma Fitness Run for Fun 10K report, where I oddly enough placed first in my age group! What a fun, and relaxing weekend! It was great to just stay home and I can’t wait for next weekend and let the wedding festivities begin!!!


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