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On the edge of my seat

I can’t believe that it’s Thursday and I’m getting married THIS WEEKEND! Seriously, ever since learning about the show, time has FLOWN by and I’m SO excited to get married to B.

I know that things will be flawless and simply more that I could even imagine so I’m just not even imaging how great it’s going to be. At the end of the day all that matters is that we are married and starting our lives together. Man, I get teary even thinking about it. Every time I hear the bridal march, every time I think of our vows and walking down the aisle it gets me so excited and happy.

I remember after hanging out with B for a few months, I was driving home and I just started crying. I never had felt that much happiness in my life and I was so, so happy. I asked one of my friends if that was weird and he told me he was so happy for me and how I had that true emotion. Last night, after another fun, surprising and amazing day of filming and B and I’s ‘celebratory’ dinner at Umami Burger (AMAZING!) I drove my car home and cried again. Those same amazing tears of pure and complete joy and happiness.

I am so excited to spend the weekend with some of our closest family and friends celebrating this exciting time in our lives!

(and so excited to not post about the wedding anymore! which I am sure you guys are all excited for me to stop too! HAHA!)

Sadly, I can’t post much at all until after the show airs, in November, but I am going to beg and plead for one measly picture I can put on my facebook and on here. :)

I have a few more special posts before the big day but the countdown is ON!


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