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Back on the Train

Welllllll so during the whole wedding planning whirlwind showers, bachelorette party and oh wham, bam, we’re now married situation, I kind of had to fall off the wagon the last few days before the wedding. Which was okay by me because I was SO busy. Though I know we are leaving in a few more days for our European trip, I am back on the workout train and diving back in head first. I don’t have any races in the near future especially since when I come back from Europe it will be a crazy busy time with work, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into the gym these next two weeks and going for a few short runs.

I’m also glad that now that the stress of everything is over, I am not stuffing my face with everything in sight. Win on both fronts. Tonight it’s back to the gym, which I have missed. Who knew a wedding would make you more tired than ever before… GOSH! Too much partying and fun things! :) So before I get one picture from the photographer to share (which yes, I’m that annoying person and already asked)… here are a few more leading up to the big day pics!

The Thursday before I realized I needed a guest book. WHOOPS! Got to work making flags and put them in mason jars to make it match the theme. They turned out really cute and lots of guests signed them! I can’t wait to display them in wherever we may live. HAHA

B and I took a trip to Umami Burger. SO good! I have been hoping to visit this place for so long and it didn’t disappoint at all! It was a great treat.

The night before the wedding we stayed at the Beverly Garland in Hollywood and had a few drinks at their little bar. I’ll have to get more pictures from Shea! It was fun to spend the last night with all my bridesmaids and have some relaxing time together. Oh and order one of every appetizer on the menu. Bad idea.

The morning of we were off to get breakfast before getting beautified for the wedding. I found these super cute shoes at Nordstrom Rack and it was like a sign because Shea and I had been looking at them for months (but for the price I said are you KIDDING ME!?) It was so much fun, I still can’t get over that it’s over and I’m married. WHAT! So weird.

So here’s to hopefully heading to the gym tonight.



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