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A Dream

I cannot believe this past weekend happened. It seriously was a dream out of a book that I never thought could ever happen in my entire life.

Absolutely nothing went wrong. I was so happy and the best part of the day was marrying B! Everything was flawless and David and his team totally surprised me again and again throughout the day. Everything is so real and genuine and I cannot thank David and his team enough for creating such a special, amazing and fun day for us and our guests. It just went by all too quickly.

Sadly, I can’t share many pictures…. but I will in due time! I’m waiting for our photographer to send me just one to post. And that will have to tide everyone over for a while. I am SO excited to see our photographs from him. He did such an amazing job and I know I will be blown away! He even put up with me trying to remind him of what to take pictures of.

We also got great news on Friday night that our offer was verbally accepted on the house and now we just have to wait to get it in writing! We are going to open escrow hopefully before we leave for our trip to Europe in August.

The details, the love, everything was amazing, amazing, amazing. From beginning to end, my girls, our make up, the entire day, holding hands with B walking out the church to yet ANOTHER surprise, everything was absolutely perfect. The toasts were also AMAZING. Shea did such a great job and it was so heartfelt and had everyone in tears.

Both of us are back to work until we leave for Europe. :) I’m so happy to be married to my best friend. It was a perfect day, we both though so and are both so thankful for everyone who was there to support us and who loves us! It was a great celebration with everyone we love.

B truly makes me a much better person and I’m so glad we are now venturing on in life together. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.

So now, I’m married. It doesn’t feel much different, and I’m REALLY looking forward to going for a run tonight and not worrying about getting weird tan lines.

Thank you for all the kind comments, the encouraging words and emails! It was seriously a blast and of course, when I find out when the show airs I will let everyone know! The season starts in November. :)


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