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Zensah Tank Top Review

Recently, one of my favorite companies, Zensah, who sports bras I swear by, contacted me about a racerback¬† top that they have developed and wanted me to do a review. I love the shirt they sent me so I said that I would be interested. I love their sports bras and the long sleeve they’ve sent to me so I figured I would have a good shot at liking it, but I am wary of tank tops usually because they are so short and so tight, which neither are flattering on my body, especially when I’m running and working out.

I’ve worn it to run in twice and again last night to hot yoga and twice to the gym and I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I have it this summer to get great workouts in and like usual, the fabric is what sold me. SO soft, and so thin. It’s by far the best made tank top I own and I own a lot. It’s seamless which makes chafing non-existent. The thing that was the best though was the fit. It wasn’t short and wasn’t tight. WINNER in my book. No one wants to see all that bouncing around all over the place.

A close up of the fabric and how the seams of the shirt are. I love how soft it is! I can’t get over their fabrics and that is one of my favorite things about Zensah articles of clothing. It’s just the perfect amount of thinness to keep me cool and still have great coverage.

The tank on a hanger. I think what makes it fit so well is that it’s not like a suctioning fabric that clings to your body. It fits snug but it’s really long and not TOO snug where all you ate for lunch is all over the place. I really like how it’s looser. So many running tanks get so tight and snug and I just don’t like that feeling at all.

Excuse the awesome picture in front of the door and how gross I look, but I wanted to show how long it was and how it fit. I love how the straps are skinny and I just feel like it’s so lightweight and great to wear for so many types of working out, not just running and I was surprised how nicely it worked out, especially in hot yoga! (where I enjoyed it much more this time and the 2 quarts of water that I had during class may have helped with that)

Another thing that I love is that the back has a lovely skinny razor back strap instead of being thicker. Some tanks have thicker back straps which I don’t like as much. When I’m sweating and working out I want the least possible fabric on my body for sure. The fabric is almost see through on the shirt too, which makes it so thin and comfortable. So Zensah wins my heart again with another great product.

Make sure to check out the Zensah Tank that retails for $43.99 and comes in many colors. Check out my other Zensah reviews as well: Sports Bra and Recovery Socks, Compression Arm Sleeves, Long Sleeve Compression Shirt


*Zensah sent me this tank top for free to do a review of it on my blog.


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