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Laguna Hills Half Marathon Race Report

This past weekend I took part in the Laguna Hills Half Marathon on Memorial Day with my friend Kristy. We tried to get her a PR but alas it was not in the cards. With a hot and mostly boring course, we didn’t cross the mat with her new PR but we did have lots of fun out on that bike path. :) Here’s all of us before the race! We hit up the portapotties, and grabbed our bibs and before we knew it the sun was up and we were off!

From miles 1-3, I was running super cautiously. I was really nervous my shins were going to act up. I wore compression socks, which I’ve never worn during a race. They seemed to do the trick because around mile 4 I breathed a sigh of relief because my legs seemed to be holding up. Kristy and I chatted and enjoyed the scenery. It was pretty hilly though and we pushed through the hills. It also got fairly hot so that took it’s toll on us. We kept in good spirits and walked and ran through the hills.

The one thing was that the miles after 6 (I think) were pretty boring and just on a bike trail. There were only about 6 spectators out there… which was pretty boring. We both pushed each other along. Around mile 7 things became really bland and we just kept reminding ourselves that we were more than half way done. Thankfully my shins were okay the entire race and I made sure to tell all the volunteers thank you so much and really appreciate all those who make the race happen. FINALLY we reached mile 10 and I told Kristy that we really had to push to the finish and reminded her all the time that we were getting so close. Finishing up a  hill was a little ridiculous but we were finally done! Sadly, we missed Kristy’s PR but we did finish with smiles on our face! I can’t wait to see the race pictures either, I think we got some good jumping ones! I keep checking back on the website to see if they are posted!

Here’s us after the race. Super sunny! Great to see so many people and after the finish, I felt totally okay! I was so thankful that my shins were not hurting at all. I will have to wear my compression socks much more.

Kristy and I were on our way back to find some food where we parked! We were both starving. The camo ribbon is cool and the medal is nice. We picked up our t-shirts and goodie bags as well. The only bummer was there was no food after the race? I kept looking around and asking but there was none, only a box of oranges which freaked me out that so many dirty runners put their hands in them!

Then finally I got my first taste of fast food in forever! I told myself since I ran a half that morning that I could have a cheat day and went big with a double double from In and Out and boy was it amazing! Totally worth it :)

So overall, it was a great race, I was a little bummed that we didn’t get Kristy a new PR but oh well! We still had a lot of fun and she did just run 3 halfs in 3 weeks! So that’s a pretty cool accomplishment. I also was glad to be back out there and running and felt good the entire race, which was great! I took water at almost every station and never ate anything because I was scared to upset the stomach.


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