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Challenge Update

Whew! I am more than half way done with the Challenge that ends on July 1st. 16 days left. I am not feeling like I’m drastically losing weight, but I am proud of myself for being more active and making better choices. I also feel like I’m sore way more often now! Which, I must admit, I secretly like. I have also been trying out many new things, biking more consistantly and running more, even if it’s only shorter distances.

With pilates I learned some new ways to work very different muscles and I’m looking forward to doing pilates this afternoon. I’m pretty nervous but I know in the end it’s only an hour and I’ll survive. I’ve also been going to a legit yoga studio which I am loving as well. Two very new things to me that I’m very glad I tried out.

As for the challenge, here’s the recap since the last update.

Tuesday – ran 1 mile walked 2 :( Sad that my shins were still hurting!

Wednesday – biked 6 miles at the gym. Also worked arms.

Thursday -Ran 1 mile to the gym, worked out my legs, ran 2 miles home. These are the days when my legs feel it the most!

Friday – Biked 6 miles at the gym before work since we had the wedding that evening!

Saturday -Biked 6 miles, ran 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym and worked out my arms. I realized I need to bust my little arms up now since I’m getting married basically tomorrow.

Sunday – Biked 6 miles at the gym, walked 1 mile.

Monday – hit up the gym, biked 6 miles and went home to craft!

I must admit, I am getting into a groove and loving taking the time to work out and I know the only reason I don’t and get lazy is because I don’t make a priority, which is not okay! It’s all about making time and getting up. I also have a few tricks for peeling myself away from the sheets.

I learned this from a friend. She puts her ipod next to her bed and once the alarm goes off she turns it on and pumps up the jams and puts the earphones in her ears and she said, and I agree, that it’s pretty hard NOT to be awake after that! I also just think about getting up and how much better I will feel knowing that my workout is done and I know once I get up, I’m good to go for the day. It’s just all about making that choice to DO IT.


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