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Challenge Update

Man, I am getting after it with this little challenge. Friday I worked out for an hour including an intense 6 mile bike ride and busting my little arms off!

Saturday morning I slept in a little bit (until 8) and ran over to the gym. I was pretty sleepy but was feeling so good at the gym and just kept doing more and more exercises. I also ran two miles while I was there and then worked out for a total of 2 hours, which is crazy for me. Sometimes I just feel really good while I’m there so I just keep going.

Sunday was a little bit of a wash in the workout department, thanks to sampling picnic punch the night before. I did end up recovering and getting my life together around 6, just in time for a walk, which I did walk my three miles. It was a nice evening out at least and it was nice to be outside, plus I was pretty sore from busting my bum the day before.

Yesterday at work, a girl I work with used to teach classes at a local gym and we took 15 minutes to do a little butt/glute workout. BURNING! I felt it for the rest of the day and I’m feeling it today too! It was a great little workout to do though and I will try to share it with you soon.

Last night, B and I went to the gym and I biked 6 miles, was on the stair stepper (that thing always kills me) for 50 floors and then worked out my arms again. I was pretty exhausted last night but it feels good to get into a good routine and I’m finally starting to see little bitty results! My arms are toning up and I’m feeling better about myself.

Tonight, though I vowed to never go back, I’m going back to red yoga to sweat it out. I’m hopeful it goes better this time and I will do better since I know what to expect! I also am for sure bringing a huge water bottle which will be way helpful!

Right now my mentality is that I’m getting married in 32 days, so I just have to bust my butt for another 32 days and get it together and then I can enjoy lots of delicious food on our European honeymoon adventure! Not that I’ll let it all go after that, but once I return from Europe I’ll be back to working out and work will kick into high gear.

Speaking of weddings, I couldn’t post without posting a picture of the boutineers I finished up this weekend.Side note: Burlap is quite possibly the weirdest fabric known to man kind. The buttons that look black are actually navy and B’s has the heart button on it. I think they will look great on the gray suits and with their ties!

Looks like it’s workout crunch time!



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