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30 days from today…

I will be a MRS! That is freaky and I don’t like thinking about becoming a Mrs. It sounds SO old! :) But today we kicked off the day by getting our marriage license before I went to work.

It was pretty easy, we just filled out our information and walked over to a window and the clerk asked us to raise our right hands and promise that everything was not a lie on the sheet we filled out. I accidentally raised my left. Anyone who knows me would not be surprised at all since I have big issues with differentiating my left from my right. Though I was looking rather tired, we snapped a picture.

and the other thing I figured out this past weekend was the ingredients to picnic punch! With a little help from Shea’s friend who is a bartender we found the perfect concoction and my new love…. Cucumber Vodka! I will have to share the ingredients to Picnic Punch sometime soon!

It might sound lame but I love my last name and it’s even been part of my nickname for a long time, “The Koo” and I realized it’s my last 30 days of being the koo! It was a bitter sweet moment when I realized that this morning! But yes, I am taking his last name so I will no longer be the koo anymore! B told me that the only way I could keep my name is if I actually spelled out the word Hyphen between our names, so that is not going to happen! So cheers to these last 30 days of being the Koo!


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