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Yoga Round 1

The other day I went in for my first official Yoga Studio Yoga class. I have done some yoga before at the Y and also some videos and I liked it. I haven’t ‘practiced’ yoga in a while though. Recently purchasing a Living Social deal for Purple Yoga with some friends and co-workers, I thought it’d be much more fun to go with them and would motivate me to go. The classes are good until November so I knew I would be able to use them all. (Since then I’ve now also bought a pilates class pass for Studio H, which is AMAZING, went there this morning and my body is twitching and burning)

So I get to yoga, change over into lululemon capris and a tank. I had to ask if I needed to wear socks or what even to wear to an official class. We set out our mats in a good location close to the wall and close to the front so I could at least see what was going on. There were about 12-15 people in the class, including Kristy! I was whispering with my co-worker for a while and there was a lot of noise/music from the upstairs class so I was a little shocked when another yogi told the class to ‘please take the talking outside.’ We weren’t even being loud and class hadn’t started yet! Sheesh! But leave it to me to get in trouble by another classmate. HA!

The teacher came in and we jumped right into the burning poses. I took a blue 2.0 class which is a middle of the road class and I could do most of the poses but it just took me a little longer to get into it. I am a clock-watcher during class and the first half was SO slow and I was really struggling. I was slipping all over my mat and I forgot how hard yoga is! I was also more sweaty in this class than I EVER am when I run! What a workout! Though there were quite a few poses that I struggled with but I know that consistency is key when it comes to yoga and I just have to keep going, which is why I am going to go on Tuesday night again!

Yoga is hard, hard work, and doing that many poses does require a lot of arm and leg strength but you should never be afraid of doing yoga or scared to try it. I looked like quite a freak and it really was a struggle for me, but I felt awesome afterwords and it’s great for strengthening so many muscles and I barely ever use. I was really enjoying it and though I was stretching in directions that are not normal for my body. The music was relaxing and the studio was great! Really clean and a great changing area and a great teacher taught our class. She adjusted me a little bit and was very encouraging. Check out your local yoga studio for more information and possibly see if they have any lower-priced community classes if it’s really expensive.

Grab your mat and head over to the studio and stretch it out! You won’t regret it and it’s a great sore the next day! :)

Tonight after work I’m going to run my 3 miles since I took the pilates class this morning.


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