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Weekend of Wonderment.

This weekend I unfortunately was still a bit congested so I didn’t get to do any running, but I did hit up the gym on Friday and Saturday and now my legs are so sore! I’m also looking forward to it getting just a little bit hotter and working out in the pool again. Yes, I will be back to swimming! I realized that last year when I was swimming a lot my arms were looking fierce and I need to jump back on that bandwagon. So hopefully sometime this week I will finally kick this cold and be out putting in some miles. I am going to hit up the gym tonight and tonight is arm night, so that should be fun.

Now onto the fun stuff, this weekend!

B and I finally had a date night and headed down to 320 Main, where I was in LOVE with their happy hour! Such great drinks and food for great prices.

I ordered the short rib grilled cheese and it was AMAZING! I allow myself, when eating healthy, to at least have one meal of “cheating”, or else I am not motivated at all to eat healthy. Other than that I had a pretty good weekend in the healthy eating front. The food was great though and it was so nice to just have some time with B.  We also saw African Cats! It was pretty good. I love nature movies and it is cool to see them in their true format.

Though Sunday isn’t my favorite day of the year, I did have fun with my aunt and family and also Shea’s mom and then B’s family. I am blessed to have them in my life and though I miss my mom a lot, it is such a blessing to have so many women in my life who have taken me in as their own under their wings. :) I am thankful for them making me smile yesterday.

Also, on the wedding front, we have found the bridesmaid dresses and I said yes to the dress and am going to get fitted in mid-July! I am pretty excited about my dress and can’t wait to wear it on February 25th! Also, my aunt and I visited a huge fabric store on Friday and finally got the white fabric to go around the red and white gingham for the table runners for the reception. I am so excited and she already has made four of them! I am in love! They are going to look so great at the reception and she is a genius and I am so thankful that she is going to make them for the tables. Yes, red and white are my colors and there will be gingham. :)

I know they look random on the ground, but I am excited to have them all done and finally start working on many other little crafts with Shea and Stefana for the reception! :)

So this week the goals are to get rid of the cold and run about 15-20 miles and work out at the gym at least 3 days this week. Onward and upward!


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