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Taking care of your feet

So some people ask me what I do to make sure my feet stay healthy and what I put into my shoes to make sure that they don’t bleed like they used too. What the heck was that about in the first place? Well keeping your feet healthy when you run is one of the most important things to do because with messed up, bloody, yucky feet, you can’t really run that far. I am lucky and have never gotten any blisters really, but every now and then I do. I make sure to use tri-slide on my feet before I put them in my shoes to make sure they won’t have any problems. I swear by tri-slide, but also baby powder works well. Sometimes you might think a band-aid is a good option to wrap a blister, but it can cause more irritation than help, which stinks when you are trying to run. Sometimes taking two days off and giving the blister air is your best option for healing.

I used to also think that wearing the same size shoe as my normal day to day shoe was the way to go when sizing running shoes. Wrong! I normally wear a size 6 to 6 1/2 in regular shoes, but in running shoes I wear a size 7 to 7 1/2 depending on the shoe and I make sure that I wear a shoe with an extra large toe-box, or else my toes will bleed. Most of my friends who run also wear a size bigger so that when your feet swell you aren’t stuck in smaller shoes. Now, I honestly think my feet are permanently swollen.

Another thing I’m sucker for is wearing flip flops. All the time. I know I’m lucky that my job allows this, but it’s SO helpful to let your feet breathe. Especially after running long runs I make sure to let my feet breathe and air those puppies out! I make sure to ice bath when necessary, which is mostly after 15+ miles. Usually, since I know my legs will be tired I just make sure it’s a full lower body ice bath. Hate but love those things.

I also can get away with it, but I NEVER wear heels. Like probably only once or twice a month for a date or some work event. I truly think that helps a lot and am lucky that I don’t have to wear heels every day.

Just make sure when breaking in new shoes to take it easy until they are broken in as well. I usually run 2-3 3-6 milers on it before I take them out for any kind of long run at all.

Hope that helps anyone with running shoe and feet problem questions!


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