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So we all know that I have seriously love for Zensah Sports Bras, but I was recently contacted by Moving Comfort to test drive on of their sports bras and a cool new feature that they’ve added to their website, The Virtual Fitting room.

WARNING: You will never see any pictures of me in my sports bra without a shirt on. EVER. So don’t get so excited.

So I agreed and was excited to try out their bra, the bra I received was soft and seamless, and when it comes to sports bra love, those are two of the key words in the description that make me melt! I love the fabric is it made of and it fits so well. The only thing that I noticed for me was when I got the lower impact bra is that it doesn’t go up at high on the sides. I have come to realize that the sports bras I usually wear are very “full coverage” and this wasn’t as much but I loved the fit and thought it was great for both the gym and running. So I realized I don’t need such a ‘full coverage’ bra.

Here’s the front of the bra, and I love the cups. I really like the material and wish you could feel how soft it is! The straps are great and not to thick.

The back of the bra, turned inside out. My favorite thing about up and coming running clothes is the fact that they PRINT the tag information on the bra/article of clothing instead of making an actual tag. Makes for way less chafing and way more comfort.

The top bra is the Zensah bra that I usually run with and the bottom one is the Moving Comfort Bra. If you notice, you can tell that the moving comfort bra is a little lower cut in the armpit area. I notice that the Zensah bra is a little more FULL coverage (higher in the neck and armpit areas) comparatively, but then again, Moving Comfort has a ton of different options for more full coverage if that is what you are looking for.

Moving Comfort was nice enough to offer a bra up to one of my readers as well! It’s really easy to enter, just travel over to their virtual fitting room and check out what bra would fit you best! I actually went through the process a few times to see what different bras they suggested. I have heard great things about all their bras and that they really help make women of all shapes and sizes stay in place if you get my drift!

Here’s a view of the ‘Fitting Room’. Put in your bra size and just keep clicking next at the bottom of the page.

This was where I switched up my answers a few times to see what they would offer me! Besides the ridiculously in shape models they have, it’s easy to use, and you can ‘pick’ exactly what you like in a bra. I hate all types of closures and stuff like that so seamless was a pick I did.

Then, like magic, it gives you the bras that work for what you inputted throughout the process. It’s easy and simple and there are so many options!

So check out their Virtual Fitting room… and leave what bra you’d pick on their facebook page under the discussion tab named Chic Runner, which is also this link! Let them know I sent you over there and you’re entered to win! Super easy, good luck!

Unfortunately to my non-US residing amigos, The contest is open to US residents only and will be open until next Monday, May 23rd at midnight PST.  A winner will be picked by Moving Comfort and announced on my blog next Tuesday! Here’s to being non bouncy!


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