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KSwiss Recovery Shoe Review

Recently, I was contacted by KSwiss to test out their new recovery shoe, the Blade Lightrecover. I didn’t even know of such a thing existing before they contacted me, but I’m glad they did! It is a really cool shoe that I believe truly helps in recovery. Here is a picture of the shoe I received, which after going on their website, I realized that they have way cuter colors on there.

These bright blue babies are quite spectacular when it comes to recovery technology. The top part that looks like a band is actually made of a compression type material so it helps circulate blood flow and is tighter on the foot so that it helps the swelling after a race. Another great thing about the outside of the shoe is that it’s so soft and easily collapsible, which makes it really easy to put the shoe on, even when you are hurting and you think your feet can’t get into a shoe. They are tight on the foot but they feel like a good tight, and really help make the foot feel better.

Now, this is my favorite of the shoe! The Recovery foam foot bed. The whole entire foot bed is made of memory foam and let me tell you, it’s glorious to stand in all day for long work events and after races. I started wearing these right after the LA Marathon and the week after Oakland Marathon and my feet were in heaven. We all know I have weird foot issues and toe issues and these really helped compress my feet and kept them feeling much better than normal. It seriously is so different stepping into the shoe and having that envelope your foot instead of a hard insole like many shoes have. The moment I put it on the first time I could totally tell the difference.

The soles of the shoes are KSwiss’s “BladeLight” Technology, which is stated on their website as “Anatomically placed K-EVA “blades” are aligned to the angle of impact and critical flex points for ultra-light, super cushioned, and amazingly flexible ride.” The shoe is basically super, duper flexible. Comparable to the ‘free’ shoes out there and the very lightweight shoes. This shoe is SO lightweight and that’s another thing about wearing a shoe after a race. I really feel that instead of flip flops, this helps my poor toes that sometimes get a little beat up to recover well and I love the compression on my feet to help keep the swelling down. Well, KSwiss is too steps ahead and made a shoe with actual compression and so many other great features so I don’t have to cruise in regular running shoes after a race anymore.

The last thing that I love so much about these shoes is the fact that they are also made of a light mesh and really breathable. It makes them really lightweight and also great to wear without socks which I NEVER do. They are great for long weekends full of standing on my feet for 15 hours and great for after races and marathons. I’m looking forward to wearing mine after my upcoming half at the end of the this month and they are great to just wear around the house when your feet are feeling a little tired. I am so glad that I tried these shoes and think they are great for aiding for recovery! I still have my KSwiss Keahou 2 review coming up too. :)  and if you want to see other things I’ve reviewed, make sure to check out the Reviews Tab!

Today I am going back out to try to run 3 miles! It has been so long since I have run. Well about two weeks, because of work being crazy for event weekend and then me catching this darn cold! I hope the run tonight is the final thing that is needed to kick the cold to the curb!


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