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Event Weekend Recap of the OC Marathon

I think the worst day of event weekend is Thursday. When you realize you won’t be sleeping for a while and you know what is about to hit. This past Thursday was no different and it was loading up cars, trucks, finalizing checklists and making sure everything was set to go for the OC Marathon starting on Friday. Run Racing, the company I work for, manages the event. We were busy all weekend long but it was a great event to be a part of. Thursday we took a trip to Costco to stock up on a ton of stuff, it was crazy pushing this cart around and the looks we got!

Friday morning kicked off with us arriving at the OC fairgrounds around 8:30. My main job for those two days was working the Expo for both of our booths for our upcoming events. I also checked on the volunteers and how some other things were going as well. I got to meet a lot of great people and saw some familiar faces! I got to hang out with these guys all day too, as they are new to our Holiday Half Booth!

They were quite a hit! Though working on your feet for two days is draining, we were set for the weekend and knew that race day was right around the corner and we kept reminding our team of that. Throughout the weekend we all worked together to check on numerous things going on, like PF&F (post food and fluid) and numerous other things. The OC shirts were so cute and everyone at the Expo seemed really happy and excited for Race Day. There was a kids run but unfortunately, I couldn’t leave my post inside the Expo to catch any of it. I was bummed because the Kids Run at Long Beach is one of my favorite events!

Everything was going well and we finished Friday night around 10:45. Back to the hotel to shower and a quick two hour nap and we were up and it was finally race morning. At that point we constantly are reminding ourselves that we have 12 hours to go. We could get through it! It was dark and early, but we powered through a few minor tasks and checked in with the crew guys to make sure everything was going okay. I was mainly in charge of the winners and the finish line area. My co-worker, Leslie, was in the command center and let me know when the race started! It’s always a crazy feeling and I started my stop watch to remind myself when the finishers would come through, since I was in charge of getting their names, photographs and sending them over to the VIP tent. There were tons of volunteers unwrapping medals and many ready to go on the PF&F line! It’s great seeing all the volunteers come together and work so hard to help you put on the event. They are seriously so helpful, without them no event would ever work.

Back and forth, back and forth between a few stations I was shocked when it was time for the first finishers came in! That’s always an exciting time! I gathered the top three females and males and then got ready for the 5K finishers and then finally the Full finishers. I was working mostly the finish line the entire time making sure that all things were going well and checking in with all crew to make sure things were going okay out on course. It’s always awesome to see people finish a marathon and I found myself getting teary numerous times throughout the day watching people finish the different races. It’s this great feeling and it made me want to run another one! Before I get ahead of myself though, I’m going to find a few halfs to sign up for before it gets to hot this summer. I am considering the Laguna Hills Half Marathon at the end of the month and then maybe a half and a 5K in June. We’ll see!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures on race day at all because I was running around all over the place, but it was really a great weekend and again I am so proud of the people I work with and how everything came together. We all worked really hard and I’m so thankful that everyone has each others backs when things start to get crazy! It’s such a long weekend but in the end, when the final finisher walks through the finish line, it reminds me that it’s totally worth it. I hope so many people were inspired to run this weekend! I know, even though I’m still exhausted from the 90 hour week last week, and I also have a hardcore cold, that I’m looking forward to my next race!

Congrats all OC Marathon finishers!


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