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Cleaning it up

So after Easter, I realized I was back into my old habits of eating REALLY poorly. Example: Tons of fast food, tons of soda, tons of candy. I have the mentality of if I happen to get one soda, I end up drinking like 5, which isn’t a good mindset to have. I also often eat out on the go and when I’m there I kind of think, well, I’m here so I might as well just get the worst thing possible for me.

I AM AN IDIOT WHEN IT COMES TO EATING. I know this. Last week I did really well, though event weekend was tough with drinking a lot of monster and eating sugary things to survive, but now I am titling may, “MOJO MONTH” and I’m going to work hard to make drastic changes in my diet and working out schedule, now with work not being insane. One thing I do well is I drink a TON of water, like way more than I should and I am part water buffalo, but it’s helpful to me and makes me feel great.  Here are a few other things that I’m going to implement in my daily life to get my mojo back.

1. NO MORE FAST FOOD. It’s sad, but it’s a must. No more Chickfila. No more In and Out, Taco Bell, Golden Eagle. GAH, goodbye loves.

2. NO MORE SODA. I think I have got this combated and I realized why I love soda so much. I am like the fish on Finding Nemo. I love the bubbles! I haven’t had soda in quite some time, but I am not going to have any and when I want some bubbles I am going to drink the carbonated fruit flavored water.

3. EAT MORE VEGGIES. So my idea of a vegetables and fruit is basically fries, because consider them vegetables. Other than that I eat NOTHING that is veggie/fruit related. BAD. I’m really going to work hard at eating veggies with every meal. I also have a new obsession with smoothies! Finally yesterday I got my bum to the market and loaded up on fresh fruit and made myself an awesome smoothie for dinner. Now that I’ve had smoothie success I am more for making them much more often and loved starting off my day with one this morning.

Such a good, healthy and FILLING dinner! Good Danica! I even put broccoli in my smoothie and couldn’t taste it one bit. So now I’m on a smoothie kick and it’s such an easy and healthy way to get so many veggies and fruits that I don’t normally eat. So point for me.

4. NO MORE CANDY in mass quantities. I seem to think that candy is my middle name and I go CRAZY with candy. So I have vowed that I will not eat excessive amounts of candy. A few peanut M&Ms every now and then, a peanut butter cup here and there is okay, but eating 100 tootsie rolls a day is not.

5. EAT HEALTHY SNACKS. I like eating healthy snacks and have really tried to implement them into my daily routine. Aka fruit and veggies. Carrots. Apples. Bananas. Dried Fruit. and my new love, Hardboiled eggs!

As for exercise and fitness, I think I am finally back after being burnt out from long distance running! I am looking forward to running a half at the end of this month and once I kick this cold I will be back hitting the streets and putting in miles and back to the gym, which I am totally looking forward too. As for protein, I know it’s important to my diet and I also always forget that I can easily make chicken on my little grill! So I am going to get some of that to make super quick and easy. I am really starting to feel healthier and better and finding fun ways to eat healthy is actually entertaining. Not going to lie I do miss my fast food but I am also finding new ways to fill myself up and how to find ‘filling’ foods ala smoothies.

I am looking forward to the half and even thinking about signing up for a few more races over the summer! So here’s to Mojo Month!



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