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Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Remix!

So last year I was lucky enough to go to the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach for the first time, and this year I made it back there again for another great weekend reppin’ a city I love! Our company is in the same building as the Grand Prix and leading up to the event, it starts to get the hustle and bustle just like how we get come any of our events. Everyone is racing around and making trips back and forth downtown. It also is really cool to see the signage go up throughout the city and the grandstands and track being built leading up to the race. It’s pretty exhilarating to know that our city is involved in such a cool event, and that it brings so many neat things to Long Beach.

We started off the day grabbing some food from a concession stand. Now, those corn dogs were the SMALL corn dogs and they had already taken like two bites of them! Sheesh! But it was actually pretty tasty. We then wandered into the lifestyle expo and walked around there for a while. It’s so different to see a different Expo than the Long Beach ICB Marathon Expo in there, and it’s amazing how much set up goes into everything. We got some beads and random stuff in there and sat in a few cars. We also saw a sloth. That was pretty random. We had to stop by the Danica Patrick Merchandise booth as well, since I had to get a picture with my name!

Before we knew it, it was time to head outside for the start of the race! We had great seats and we were watching the cars warm up. Once they are on the track it seems so quick and the race started before we even knew it! One really amazing thing was the fly over that took place before the cars took off and right around the time the National Anthem was sung. It was SO loud and amazing to see them fly over so quickly. B was talking about that all day long! A really bad picture, but it was a really cool moment. Thank you to all those who serve!

Next up the cars were off. They started quickly and we didn’t even realize the race started. They zoomed by quite a few times. We watched for about 30 laps and then decided to walk around for a bit. Last year we stayed in our seats for the entire race, so we wanted to walk around and see what was out there! There was a lot of areas to walk by and we had a lot of fun seeing everything that everyone was offering. It was also nice to stop in a restaurant and see the TV’s that had it playing. It’s cool to see Long Beach from above!  It was cool to go down to the other side and see the turn and more of the track.

This is more close to the turn where the cars travel right in front of the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was a much more secluded area an there weren’t as many people there which was nice. There were even a few cars that crashed right out in front of us on the turn. That was pretty exciting. We got some margaritas and were just enjoying the over cast day and walking around and seeing more of the track. It was such a nice day out, even though I ended up getting fried on my shoulders. I should have known better! We finally stopped and watched the end of the race in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was nice to be out of the sun for a bit and the place was serving up specials all day for the race.


I have no words for these two pictures! When we were walking around we found this cut out and took a picture in it and when we were just about to leave the boys found this train and got in? I don’t know know why they did that but then of course, I had to take a picture.

Here is more of the track, and where we were standing to watch the regular cars race after the Indy Cars raced. This race was much different than the Indy cards because it was all different cars racing and they were racing like maniacs! I couldn’t believe with how much abandon they drove. They were willing to crash and clip and take the corners so hard, it was great! Definitely a different feel than the Indy Cars. Overall, another great day in the LBC and I’m glad that the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach is becoming a tradition! It’s so much fun just to head down there. Another great idea we had was to get dropped off and picked up, and it worked like a charm! No dealing with parking or traffic, and no one having to worry about being the DD. Again, like last year, it was easy to follow along and though Danica didn’t win, it was still a great race! I love the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach! It’s awesome to see my city come together for such a great event!

Great way to end off the weekend!



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