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Getting back in the Groove…

Finally! I feel like I’m getting back into the fitness groove. I asked for some suggestions of keeping my running interesting a few posts ago and got some great suggestions. I think switching up my music, my route and going to the gym intermittently will definitely help keep things interesting. I had two amazing workouts on Friday and Saturday this weekend before going in a twice baked potato coma yesterday. I really have a great leg workout that I’m loving at the gym, and it includes a 1 mile run to the gym and a 2 mile run back. My legs are STILL sore from Friday! Saturday I did arms at the gym and it was a great workout, thankfully those are functioning better than my legs. I will have to recap those workouts that I’m doing because I feel like they are quick, easy and really push me. Besides working out this weekend Bryan took me to pick out my wedding band for my Easter present!

I’m going to just get a simple band that I can wear on my right hand and when I’m  not wearing my engagement ring I will wear it on my left hand. I am so excited but sad that I don’t get it until next February! Shea and I did a lot of spring cleaning this weekend, going through our closets, cleaning out stuff, cleaning parts of the house. It was nice to get a lot of stuff put away, and she even went through her closet and got rid of a lot of clothes, I was so proud of her. I love throwing things away, and she… does not! I also worked on this lovely little Easter decoration and hung it in our house.

It’s just a rainbow of paint chips cut out like little eggs! It brings some color into our house. Now I must take it down and save it for next year. I even got festive and dyed eggs. I seriously don’t remember the last time I dyed Easter eggs and I went big and splurged for the 2.99 egg kit instead of the 1.99 one and I love the vibrant colors.

And, now I have a new favorite thing to eat. Hardboiled eggs! I have never tried one before and I did this weekend, and it was amazing! Now I am obsessed! I don’t know why I haven’t tried one before but man they are delicious. We also took engagement pictures this Saturday and I’m DYING to see them! I don’t know if I can wait any longer! :) So overall a pretty productive weekend, minus my Angels getting SWEPT by the Red Sox! Heartbreaking! This week will be crazy at work with the OC Marathon but I’m excited to work another event. It makes me so happy to see everyone at the starting line and to know that everyone is embarking on a journey I’ve done before! It’s a great feeling.

Here’s to an awesome week!


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