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Finally using it…

If I had a dollar for every time my mom told me, “I just thought the fabric was so cute!” I would be a millionaire. She always said that, I think partly to justify her spending so much time in fabric stores and money on fabric. My mom made beautiful quilts throughout the last ten years of her life, and had little quilting pals, and loved to spend hours and hours looking at fabrics, cutting, sewing, trying new patterns. I truly love the quilts she made for me, even though I was such a brat and only wanted ‘huge quilts’, because I didn’t see the point of a lap quilt. I have two king sized quilts, when looking back, realizing how much MORE sewing went into that to make it so huge… what was wrong with me!

When I went to college, she started sending me pillowcases so I would get mail at school, even though I was only 45 minutes away from home. I never knew how much I would cherish my quilts that she made me or the little trinkets she would send.  How they would become the solid memory of how much my mom cared for me, was proud of me and loved me. She used to make me pillow cases for all the holidays and for little things I loved. Flamingo pillow cases, chicken pillow cases, fast food pillow cases, sushi pillow cases, valentines pillow cases, Christmas pillow cases, I probably have 30. I remember when she made me this pillow case and I promised her when she gave it to me, over seven years ago, I wouldn’t use it until the time was right. I remember looking at it and thinking that time in my life when it would be right to use it was so far away, and I would probably never use it! I loved how she always tried to justify the random and fun pillow cases with the ‘I thought the fabric was just too cute!’ line, and she definitely did that with this special pillow case. Which I totally agree with, the fabric is ADORABLE!

I realized I still hadn’t taken it out last night. I don’t know why I didn’t, but it was almost like it made everything official, even though I have been engaged for over 2 months. I reached into the chest I have with stuff that reminds me of her and special things that she’s made for me and my brother, and I saw it, sitting on top of the chest and I knew it was finally time. I could finally use it. I took out the pillow case that I thought was the best one she’s ever made, the one that I haven’t ever used yet!


With little wedding cakes and a strip of pink hearts and rings all over the pillow case, I knew my mom was smiling down on me and reminding me that the fabric was just too cute to pass up!

I thought about this post for a while last night. A lot of time, planning a wedding without a mom is tough. It causes a lot of emotions to come to the surface that you didn’t think were there anymore. I am so lucky to have great figures in my life who take the time and make sure I feel extra special during the ‘mom’ moments. Most of the time I keep my posts pretty non-personal and running/fitness related, or try too, but I knew this would be a memory I wanted to keep written down somewhere. It’s those moments that make a difference. Thanks for thinking ahead Mom!


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