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The 20 miler letdown and some lovie pictures

So this weekend, there were crazy weather alerts on Saturday, the day that I had planned for my 20 miler with Maritza. The 20 miler that didn’t happen. We were all set to go and I was all ready but as the night before went on, the weather alerts got worse and worse, and there was lightning storms, record low temps and crazy wind. Now, I’m sure all you East Coast Snow Birds, pretty much are laughing at us right now, but that’s right, we chickened out. I was worried about the weather and drivers in the weather, and it just seemed that the stars were against¬† us. So we rescheduled to this weekend. I was a little bummed when I woke up to see pretty decent skies and it didn’t really rain much at my house. I did end up going to the gym and worked out for about two hours and it felt awesome. I think I am still sore. I’m not looking forward to the 20 miler and can’t believe that we put it off for this long, but the weather looks promising for next Saturday and I know we’ll get it done if it’s the last thing we do. Then basically it’s onto the LA Marathon, which I am so excited that Tara is coming down to run with us! It’s gunna be a new round of death for us three.

Here’s something else I did this weekend:

Shea took them and they are AMAZING! I love the colors and even though I HATE birds, B and I went there on our second date, and I remember how scared I was back then, this time was no different. I swear he is like Ace Ventura though and calls to these birds and they love him! There were times when there were like 4 or 5 birds on him.

Shea did such a good job of making us laugh and being honest about our pictures and what looked good. She seriously is so creative and talented. I think they are so fun and different. They are for our engagement party invitations. B’s mom REALLY wanted to send out a picture on them, so we took them this past Sunday. She did such a good job and made B laugh a lot! He had some pretty funny pictures just of him by himself too and got into it, which was good!

So tomorrow I have a short 5 miler in the morning and then the daunting 20 miler this weekend. It will be okay though, because I’ll have the company of Maritza. :)


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