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That just happened.

So here’s a video that a friend posted that someone else took of this weekend.

More and more pictures are being added to the photograph section and man, it just looks miserable. Then to think oh yea, I was one of the idiots out there.

As I am in recovery mode this week, I am pretty surprised at how not sore I am, comparatively to the previous races I have run.

Here’s another hilarious video from the race from Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s funny if you start it around 1:15. I wish we would have seen the tiger blood! Sadly, we were probably too delirious to even notice much else was going on besides the pounding rain. I can’t believe people just take the stuff and eat it! Hilarious!

So I am thinking about going for a short run tonight, or at least hitting up the gym and riding the bike or going to the elliptical. I’m so excited to watch American Idol! I have been feeling good though and I think perhaps tomorrow I will post a giveaway that I’ve been keeping for a bit! :)


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