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Really? This Weekend?

So LA is looming. Approaching Quickly. On the Horizon. Around the corner.

GAH! I can’t believe it. Seriously. Really, that fast? I’ve never had this feeling either, but oh wait, I have not one but TWO races quickly approaching, because oh yea, Oakland is the weekend after. When did I think this was a good idea? Meh! Since there is impending rain for LA (let’s not even think about that, I’m already beyond freaked out), we have opted to save the tutus and tiger apparel for Oakland the following weekend and are going for the Green this weekend! We will be sporting green shirts and black capris, and Tara and I realized that this is perfect since it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Tutus in the rain would just be a little much. :/

This past weekend, I should have ran but I didn’t. FAIL of life. I’m going to run tonight after work so that is something I’m looking forward too and hopefully it will erase the bad 5 miler I had last week.

Shea and I also had a little night out this weekend, hence why I didn’t run. :/ BUT, it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while! I usually am way to tired from work, or have a long run or something else to do that I rarely go out, but this weekend I was pretty darn fun! For some reason we thought it would be great to get duck whistles at Ralphs and we wore them everywhere. I thought B was going to kill me.

Man! It was a lot of fun! Hurting the next day was um…. pretty rough! Not as rough as next weekend will be I’m sure. I’m seriously just trying not to think of the impending rain. What have you done in a race with rain. I think I could do a 5K in the rain, but a full…. Um…. I’m just not thinking about it!


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