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I am SO excited that it’s opening day today! Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, and I just love the Angels! I got to go to a pre-season game on Tuesday with Shea. It was a fun cross-town rivalry against the Dodgers (whom I do not like). I don’t like basketball either, but if I do have to watch basketball, obviously it’s all about college and March Madness. Perhaps I don’t like Basketball because I’m surrounded by these freaks. Anyways, the Angels beat up on the Dodgers and I’m really excited about the season and baseball being back.

Our favorite spot in the spring :)

As for working out, I’m feeling awesome and feel like after those two races are now in the past, I have a weight lifted off my shoulders! I thought about running the Seal Beach 5K this weekend, but I haven’t already signed up and it’s a little pricey at this point. Meh! I think I’ll just go for a nice 5 miler that morning or to the gym. I ran a four miler on Monday, took two rest days and then this morning ran to the gym and did a lot while I was there. I was so sweaty when I left and my legs were dead from all the jumps I did.
60 box jumps
4 – 30 second planks
60 push ups
60 sit ups
30 dips
30 chest press machine reps
30 rows
30 lat pulldowns
30 bench press with 30 pounds

I felt awesome afterwords and ran home. Getting out of bed is hard, but once I’m up I feel so much better and there is nothing that makes me feel as good as kicking my day off with an awesome gym workout. So I’m thinking I can probably run a 10k or Half in April just for fun, so we’ll see what I can find. As for now, I love working out hard! The weight of the double marathons is gone and now I’m back to getting into shape and feeling great.

Tomorrow…. a music post and I promise on Monday I’ll have the giveaway!

Light up that Halo, Angels!


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