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Goals, Goals, Goals

I feel like I was just writing up a goal post…oh wait I was last weekend. I definitely didn’t hit many goals last weekend, besides getting to the finish, which I was still very happy with. This weekend, without rain in the forecast, and my body feeling pretty okay at this point I am looking at most likely running the full. I am sure I will regret this decision, but alas, it will be fun with T and I know we can at least struggle through it together, just like we battled the elements last weekend. :) So here are my new goals for the mountainous beast I’ll be running this weekend.

A. Finish around 4:30-4:45. This was my goal last weekend, and when my shoes started weighing me down, I knew we would struggle for the rest of the way. Oaklands course isn’t forgiving in the least bit, so hitting this would be pretty much a huge miracle.

B. Finish around 4:45-5:00. I never thought I would write that giant 5 in front of my time as a goal, but we are in survival mode here people.

C. Not get another personal worst and beat my time of last weekend, which was 5:28.

D. Per usual, my final goal is one that I know I’ll achieve no matter what, I’ll make it to that finish line and I’ll have fun doing it. Even last weekend with Tara, when we were both soaked and chilled, we were still laughing at our predicament, and the predicament that quite a few people were surrounding us were in as well.

I leave to fly up to Oakland tonight and will be up there until Monday morning when I fly back just in time for work. In other not related too running news, B and I are going to put an offer in on a house!

It actually wouldn’t be closed and ours until Mid-August, but it’s something to look forward to and we both have our fingers crossed! It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom, not far from where I live now. It needs a little bit of TLC but it has many more perks than negatives. I love the porch! We’ll see! I totally forgot about the giveaway I was suppose to have this week too, so I’ll have something next week and it’s a good giveaway too! :) Onto Oakland and to get this one done, and then it’s time to enjoy running and the hopefully warm weather that’s headed our way soon!


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