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Goals for LA

So it’s awesome that tomorrow should be pouring rain all day tomorrow with wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour. At least the hotel we are staying in has an awesome Zenith TV to watch tonight before the race. I always get so antsy before the race. I want to just get it done with.

So today has been great with Tara and Maritza. Eating our way through town is always the best way to see the city. As for tomorrow, it’s all about getting to the finish line and in one piece. T and I talked goals today and we are on the same page.

Goal A: Get to the finish in 4:30 or less. If we finish in less than 4:30, that would be awesome. We both feel like it’s somewhat feasible if we both have great days. Also, we both realize that we’ve had races that our stomachs act up. No matter what we are sticking together and going to pull each other through. :)

Goal B: Get to the finish in 4:45 or less. This would be faster than my race last year, where I came in at 4:45. I had a really hard race last year and my stomach and body was really upset with me during the race. It was mostly because of fueling problems and being extremely dehydrated because of taking Imodium. Now that I’ve got that under control and me and Imodium are BFF, we should be golden in that area.

Goal C: Get to the finish in 5:00. Since we both have Oakland next weekend, I would be more than okay with this, which kind of surprises me. With the weather, and the wet mess this is going to turn into, 5:00 is going to not upset me too much.

Goal D: Stay alive and listen to as much Justin Bieber as I can.

If you see me on the side of the road crying, tell me to man up! No matter what, we are going to have fun and we are in it together! Hopefully we don’t turn into prunes and I know we’ll be at the finish line with quite a funny story! See ya at there.


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