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It seems to happen every time I train for a marathon. I swear during training I’ll never do it again and before I can stop myself I’m signing up for another race. Then before I know it I’m knee deep in feeling the exhuastion and the “I don’t want to run any more feeling.” If I look back through old posts, it’s the same things posting before every race. I get so caught up in the excitement, I forget that it takes 18-20 weeks of a lot of running to get to a race, and I end up the in same place every time. Hating running. So, with that being said, I’m looking forward to the 20 miler this weekend, to get it out of the way, and then a weak attempt at a taper, and then I know I’ll struggle through LA and Oakland, but I know I’ll finish, and that’s the point right? Not to quit? Thankfully, I know it will be a fun weekend with Maritza and Tara, and we’ll all be struggling together.

I might again have this look on my face though:

And, mark my words, I’m hanging up my full marathon shorts for a while after this race. I’m keeping my credit cards in my wallet, and not perusing sites looking for more 26.2 tours of torture. I’m going to stick with halfs, 5Ks and 10Ks. I need to remind myself that I do like running. I find myself loving the 3-5 mile runs, and loathing the long runs and time I have to put in to train for a full.I love hitting up the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle. I don’t love being savagely hungry, ridiculously exhausted, planning my entire life around when I can and can’t run and ruining my entire weekend barely being able to walk. I just need a break. Since my first marathon in May of 2009, I’ve gone through a lot of changes, and I think calling it at 8 full marathons for a while will suffice my need to keep training. Now I can focus on shorter races, and having fun again. I’m looking forward to not being a slave to my running schedule.

My love for running is diminishing with training so much. I know after the races, I’ll be much happier. I also know that with DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME 8 short days away, I’m excited to get some sun after work and long days for running.

So I’m thinking if I dress up in a tiger like tutu and get a tank top that says WINNING and squirt red water aka “tiger blood” on people as I run LA, maybe it will make for a better race experience? Seriously, I’m contemplating.

So here’s to tomorrows 20 mile death march. At least Maritza said she’ll bring a defibrillator for me.


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