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20 miler. CHECK

FINALLY! I put this off, off, off. I’m speaking for myself, but I just loathe 20 milers in training. They make you SO tired, sore, and they just take so much time. Alas, running with a friend makes things THAT much more fun! Maritza and I met up on Saturday morning bright and early and if it took 8 hours, the tour of torture was going to get done that day. Starting in Santa Monica at our normal ‘spot’, we took off right about 7:30. If you saw my last lovely post about complete and total burn out on training and full marathons, you know how I feel about my two upcoming back to back races.

So when we took off, after running a measly 8 miles between my 16 miler and this 20 miler, I knew it would be a struggle, but I also knew the importance of getting it done training wise. We started off and I just counted down the miles. We stopped a few times as there are many stop lights along the route that we ran. We talked and caught up and I found myself telling her that I was looking forward to running with her and catching up. No matter how long it took to get the 20 miles done, I knew we could do it, but I was more so looking forward to  hanging out with her, and we had a blast. We both fell twice. It was REALLY warm out, and we traveled a pretty hilly and different route. Past some GORGEOUS movie star mansions, where I took a digger.It doesn’t look that bad but I think the bruising is much worse now! Maritza grabbed for my fuel belt, and sadly enough I was on the ground before she got a hold of me. We both fell twice. I don’t get it. I’ve only ever fallen three times on a run. ALL WITH MARITZA, WITHIN THE PAST 2 MONTHS. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is…

Along many different streets, the hills, and the heat, I was glad we pushed through. The last few miles were the best because we both pumped up the jams and took off! It was a great way to finish the longest run I’ve completed since last October! I was glad it was over and now I feel much, much better about LA. I have my fueling down, a great new fuel belt to wear at the race, and my outfit is ready. I was feeling a little dumpy about the race before this 20 miler. I’m still not particularly going for a land speed record, and know I’m far from PR shape, but I’m glad that I have confidence that I will finish and it won’t be HORRIFIC. The only thing that really hurt during the run were my feet, they were just a little tired, but besides that I fared well.

We finished off the run with delicious slurpees since I had to head home to quickly get ready for a friend’s engagement party. I wasn’t THAT sore after the run, just a little stiff and my knee now has a HUGE bruise on it and the scrape is healing. I got a sweet sunburn too, so that’s radical. I’m going to shoot for a 13-15 miler this weekend to see how things go, but I am feeling much better about the races now and looking forward to running shorter distances. :)


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