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Use your Blinker!

This weekend started off on a weird foot. Once I got off work at 5 on Friday, I headed home with big plans for visiting CVS to pick up Imodium AD for my long run early the next morning and to get the Garnier Eye Roller pen for those lovely black circles under my eyes that so many of you recommended. I left my house around 8 pm as I had been looking forward to this outing all night long.

As I get in the car and the new Britney song was playing and I was pretty stoked because I’m borderline obsessed with it. I would admit to bobbing my head at this point. As I pull into CVS, approximately .8 miles from my house, a car speeds up and pulls in right behind me. I park, swing my door open to get out of my car and realize that the car that pulled up behind me in the parking lot, yea, it’s a cop, and yes, his lights are on, and yes, he’s pulling me over for a reason that I don’t know.

As he approaches my car, I reach for my license and my heart is pounding. Of course I really don’t want to get a ticket because I just got an email about how all the ticket costs for CA went up in 2011. I hand over my license and the officer immediately asks what I’m buying inside CVS. I am nervous to not respond with the truth, because who knows if the cop is going to follow me in and see what I buy if I end up lying so out pops Imodium, which was the main product of my trip. He asks, “So you’re not buying alcohol.” So the guy thinks I’m drunk. Awesome. I knew I looked bad, but I wouldn’t have guessed I looked that bad. If you would have seen what I’m wearing, I pretty much was rocking the homeless look, it wouldn’t make sense that I would be buying alcohol. If I was going to be making that purchase I would probably be looking much better because I would have some place fun to go, not back home and in bed for a 16 miler at 7:30 am the next morning. He looked at me with a weird look. I didn’t go into the explanation of why I needed Imodium and how I’d take it before bed and then drink a whole cup of water so that I wouldn’t get sick on my run the next morning.

Then he went on to questioning my license for some reason and thinking it was fake, and finally let me know that he pulled me over for not signaling to get into the driveway of CVS. Yup, his lights were on this entire time.  Blocking a car in the parking lot. I was sitting there awkwardly. I knew the minute he said he didn’t need my registration that I was home free though. He reminded me to use my blinker and I was off to buy my Imodium ticket free. Morale of the Story: Cops want you to use your blinker so you’ll be ignored by everyone else in the world when trying to change lanes.


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