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Training for the Month of January.

So I have had a great month of January for training.

I hit basically every single run on my schedule, minus one long run and one weekday run because I was sick with a cold. That is REALLY good for me. I ended off the month with 81.4 miles. Which is more than I did all months last year, minus my record month in July, which was 120. I’m pretty proud to kick off the year with such great mileage. I am feeling GREAT, which is also very weird for me. I usually have a really hard time getting time to fit in runs and I get burnt out super easily. I still am stoked on running back to back weekends in March, which is pretty scary when I truly think about it, but with my training going great at this point and it only being about a month and a half away, I think I can hold on to this good feeling until then.

That being said, my shins are still recovering. I realized what it’s from. Wearing my rainbows after the winter. I forgot this happens every winter. I’m so used to wearing uggs and tennis shoes in the winter and not my flipflops that when I start to wear them all the time again, I need to build up my shins again! Weird, but true. I am making sure to take good care of them with ice, and I’m glad I figured out the culprit and they are feeling better and stronger. I also am making sure to incorporate hills into my workouts while training for LA. I know last year my two biggest problems during the race was bad fueling, dehydration and not being trained on hills. This year, I’ve got fueling down, I’ve got hydration down and I’m working on incorporating hills into my every day runs, even though it’s quite challenging.

Maritza and I were talking on our run this past weekend. Everywhere I run is urban, like stoplights, people, cars, bikes. I have to drive roughly 45 minutes away to get anything remotely like a trail, so incorporating hills is much more difficult of  a task than I thought, but I know it’s imperative to my success. Even if it means running over freeway overpasses and the side of the river bed.

I am excited about this weekend and running Surf City Half as well. I haven’t been stoked on a race in a while and I’m excited to bring in 2011 with a Half! So if you were to ask me if I would have seen my shadow this morning and have more winter months of hibernation and no training, right now I’m in such a great state of mind and attitude that I’m going to say no way and I’m ready to kick LA’s butt!

As for 2011, when looking ahead in my schedule, I have Surf City this weekend, I’m considering doing my 20 miler on that next Friday before I’m out of town in Texas next weekend until Wednesday morning.  I am considering the Race on the Base 10k for fun the weekend after and a long run that weekend. Then it’s already March! One more 20 miler at the beginning of March and then it’s a solid downward taper.

Where does the time go?! Oh and check out this awesome box of Mac and Cheese I found last night when cooking dinner. Yea, good thing I had another box!

This morning, I was REALLY tired but made it to the gym and I really am glad that I did. There is never a workout that I get done with and think, man, I wish I hadn’t done that. Even if I have to chant that in my head when I’m warm in my bed, it’s always a reminder that no workout is ever a regret.


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