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Remember the Alamo!

Saturday, we found a venue for the wedding. Exciting. More on that in another post. :)

On Sunday, I went with most of my co-workers to San Antonio Texas for the Running USA Conference. It was a great experience but A LOT of traveling. Our plane was delayed heading into San Antonio during our layover in Dallas and on the way back we were even more delayed going from San Antonio back to Dallas, but we are back in one piece  and ready to get back to work. It was pretty fun because every morning there were little 5K group runs. Though they were at 6:30 am, since it was a running industry conference, and medal companies were there, the runs were sponsored by them and the medals were AWESOME! It was fun to run along the river walk every morning too.

This was our view in the morning, a little dark and on the 2nd day it was raining, so it was a little slippery but it was still cool to see so many people out and running together and enjoying the crisp air.

Here’s everyone heading down to the riverwalk. It was so nice and at the half way point there was even a little water station!

Here’s the medals from the first morning run, they were hearts since it was Valentines Day! They are so heavy and I know it will look awesome in my medal collection :) There were contests throughout the day and if you wore your medal you had a chance to win a gift card, and I won! I was so excited :)

Can you tell how excited I am! Even at the Conference, there was a line for the medals! See, lines are common! :)

The 2nd morning, we got the biggest medal I have ever gotten. I wish all 5K medals looked like this!

That night we went out to dinner and I got to meet up with KELLY and I was so excited! It was great to meet her and I was so glad that she made the drive from Austin.

And here are the girls who get me through every day at work! Love them so much :)

There were a lot of classes that we went to and discussions and it was cool to meet a lot of other race directors and people who are involved in the industry. It’s a lot different being on ‘this side of the fence’ than just running a race, but it’s really interesting.

We also had a little big of downtime and we explorered a bit

Yes, my shirt says Running Sucks. Got it after a long run at the Nike Store in Santa Monica a while back. Wearing at a Running Conference was interesting.

The river walk was really nice! There were so many cool little restaurants along there and we had a great Mexican dinner one night there.

Then, we walked to the Alamo! It was pretty cool to walk around and see it, but we didn’t pay the $6 to go inside. :/

There was a little area where there were states all out on a patio and we took a picture of all of us in the Texas state. Overall there was a lot of great conversation about operational aspect of races and it was very interesting. There  is so much that goes into races and I’m always excited to learn more and we all work very hard to keep making our event better. I’m thankful that we got the opportunity to go and meet many other race directors! I think it was great for our team too and we had a lot of laughs together, which is pretty much typical. Remember the Alamo! :)


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