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Long Runs and Training

So with the whole work Texas Trip, I didn’t get any long run last weekend. FAIL. This weekend I have a 14-16 miler scheduled, which I shall tackle on Sunday. I’m going to run with my new iFitness belt, which I am SO excited to try.

It looks like such an awesome way to carry water, and when I’ve worn it around the house I’ve noticed that it doesn’t bounce like my regular fuel belt. So I will report back hopefully with awesome results.

I went for a 4.5 miler last night and it was one of those runs that went really well and it felt good to get out there and get my legs turning over again. Toward the end I was really running hard and it felt so natural and exhilarating to have that feeling back. It was crisp out and I felt good. I have still been having a little bit of trouble with my shins so I  made sure to roll them out when I got home.

Now that we aren’t working every weekend here at work, I have a few weekends to get in some long runs before LA and Oakland, which makes me a little more confident that I will be able to survive the races. So I’m back on track and going to finish out the training strong. It’s only like a month away! I can’t believe how fast January and February are going. Soon it will be March and the races will be over.

I have decided to not do any more fulls for the rest of the year, and I’m going to run a few half marathons, 5Ks and 10Ks to keep my running up.I just feel like my body is really tired. I love running but I just don’t love training. I admit, it takes so much time, effort, and it’s overwhelming sometimes. I love training for halfs and shorter distances. That’s just how I work.  Training just takes up too much time right now and I know that this year is a special year to enjoy many things and hobbling around after a 20 miler isn’t exactly the way I want to spend my weekends. I’m looking forward to these two fulls and then working on my speed and running to enjoy it and just when I want to, not having to adhere to training as much. I have been going to the gym a lot and I do enjoy that a lot too. I’m going to start swimming again as well, because I love it!

And, B and I are getting married on February 25th, 2012 :) We were hoping for March, but the place we are looking at is already booked. SHEESH PEOPLE!

So here’s to a good long run on Sunday, a non-bouncy iFitness belt and some awesome carb loading, per usual.


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