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I’ve created a Gu Monster!

So I put off my 16 miler off ALL weekend long and waited until yesterday morning to do it. Luckily, I dragged B along with me! He had done 10 miles with me before and though he is not a big fan of running, he likes doing it for a workout. He also has a new thing that he loves. EATING GU! As you know, I CANNOT ever eat Gu, so I had to scrounge some up for him. Ever since we saw Hood To Coast together, he has been wanting to try some and asks anyone who runs if they eat it. I finally found some and gave it to him and he had it the other day before playing racquetball at work (I know, right) and is now obsessed with it. Disgusting. So I brought him some for our run and got my new fuel belt all ready and off we went on the beach path. It was a GORGEOUS day for a run. The entire time we counted down the miles together and he was so excited to take his ‘gooey’ at mile 6. He loves them and can’t wait to try more flavors. Maybe it will just take a while for the novelty to wear off or one bad Gu and their relationship will be over.

I realize when I run, I try to eat as less as possible because my stomach gets so upset. So I eat at mile 6-10-14 and so on. I realize since he’s a boy and needs to eat much more than me, he probably should have eaten at  mile 4-8-12- and so on. :( Miles 13-16 were rough for him, but he finished it and I was really proud of him! He wanted to kill me for the rest of the day though. I’m working on the iFitness review though, it’s my new favorite thing hands down! I couldn’t believe how great it worked.

So after the 16 miler  yesterday, I am a little sore and  had a pretty disastrous blister. We averaged a 9:55 per mile pace which is pretty good. I’m glad today is a rest day though, I have been hitting up the gym and running a lot lately and I’m getting sore. Break day is my favorite day! :)

As for the other parts of my weekend, it was spent sleeping in (HOORAY, needed that!) watching TV, cleaning and buying fabric

Hint, Hint: Wedding colors! :) Don’t worry I’m not fashioning a dress out of any of this! HA! But I did also ask all my bridesmaids ad maid of honor as well. So now everyone is in the know! Another important part of this weekend :)

So now I have the 20 miler coming up next week. Pretty nervous but I’m glad that it will be out of the way and soon it will be LA Marathon time!


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