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Fitletic Hydration Belt Review

So excited to share this review with you, and as I said in the video, I figured I would just make a video to show you guys how awesome it is!

So nice to have something that works so well and even though I’m partially dreading my 20 miler tomorrow because I’m not the biggest fan of 20 milers, I’m glad I’ll be taking this guy along with me!

Main Features: Water bottles, neoprene pocket, stretchable fabric, and NO BOUNCING! Sorry for the crappy video but it’s so much easier to explain it to you than to write it all out. Here’s the Fitletic Website. Fitletic was kind enough to send me this to review for free, but honestly, I would totally buy it, and I’m not just saying that. It’s awesome and I’m glad that I got to review it!

This weekend is going to be awesome. 20 miler on the plate for tomorrow. Registering at Crate and Barrel on Sunday, taking some engagement pictures on Sunday and one year from today, I’ll be getting married. Holla!


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