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Having a cold and training

So this week I have felt like this:

Okay, maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but I have been having the worst congestion in my sinuses! When it comes to training, I tried to run Wednesday morning and I was just so stuffed up and my head was pounding so this week I’ve ran an awesome 3 miles. UGH. Quite a bummer. So I’m calling this week a wash and getting ready to get back at it next Monday, since Sunday we are traveling to Texas (San Antonio to be exact) for a work conference and we don’t come back until super late night on Wednesday. I’m planning on doing a few short runs while I’m in Texas, early in the morning to do some exploring around town.

Tomorrow I have a work meeting for about 3 hours and then B and I are traveling out to look at a venue to have the wedding at. I still can’t believe that I’m engaged. It’s CRAZY and exciting. Especially since I’ll basically be out of commish August-December for the Europe trip and work stuff.

So here’s to starting over training next week and picking off right where I left off. Hey, I’ll call this a recovery week from Surf City. :) Hopefully I’ll have lots of fun stories from the work trip in San Antonio as well.

Cheers to Friday!


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