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2011 Surf City Half Marathon Report

So I decided to run Surf City as my long run of the weekend, since you know, last Wednesday we got engaged and my life was perhaps a little bit out of control for a bit! The night before we gathered for dinner at the Lazy Dog and it was delicious and fun to see a bunch of people that I’ve missed since they live in San Fran. After that Shea had a little gathering of people at our house for a small party and I was in bed by 10:30. I was SO tired when my alarm went off though the next morning and I realized in my hasty getting ready that I may have picked out the weirdest outfit ever. Meh! I met up with Tara and Maritza and Page down in my secret parking spot for the race, where there was NO ONE and we hung out for a while before going out and braving the cold!

When we started I wanted to run conservatively the first few miles and pick it up at the end. Though I still haven’t uploaded my Garmin splits, I know I pushed a lot harder at the end and felt strong. For not getting much sleep this week and not being well rested, I felt good and could have tacked on a few more miles at the end, which was good.

Here’s a picture of the start line. SO MANY PEOPLE.

Here’s behind our wave.

Before the race started we wanted to make a quick trip to the portapotties, but we couldn’t find them and so we just waited in line at the Hilton right there. It took a little bit, but since we were in wave 8, it didn’t matter, and the race was chip timed so meh! Once we got out there, I just started running and it was alright. I really worked hard on the hills as well to get some hill training in during my run. As I got to mile 8, I was feeling okay and knew that I wanted to push it on the last few miles, so I sped up and felt comfortable. The last two miles were pretty uneventful but I finished fine, grabbed my food and headed out with my medal.

I saw a few of my friends from work who ran as well. I was pretty happy that I finished in 1:57. I wanted to go right around sub-2 and push harder in the second half which is what I did. Hooray for an exciting week, a good race and seeing good friends. Compared to my last half, at the end of the December, I felt MUCH better and like I’m right on target for training for LA and Oakland, which is all I wanted to do with this race.

This week I haven’t done too much running as I have had a really stuffy nose. :( I am leaving for Texas for a work conference on Sunday at 6 am and won’t be back until 1 am on Wednesday morning so this weekend the long run will be a few short runs in Texas it looks like, then next weekend is a 20 miler weekend!


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