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What a weekend!

So I was pretty impressed with myself because I basically worked all weekend and stuck to my training for LA! I was nervous of staying up with it since I know I’ll be out of town A LOT in the next few weeks, but I got in my long run (11 miles) on Thursday before we left for Arizona for work and thought I REALLY wanted to get in fourteen miles, I made up for it by adding some miles on my run on Sunday once we returned from Arizona at 1am on Saturday. Really glad that I got both those in. I am still feeling good. My shins were hurting a lot on my long run so I thought I would rather cut it a little short and get more miles in on Sunday than to continue on in agony. I have been stretching a lot and making sure that I take care of them as well in order to complete my training.

I started off the weekend with Bakers, which is one of my favorite fast food places. Thankfully and sadly, at the same time, there are none anywhere near my house, so whenever we go out of town for work and have to pass through Riverside, we always make a special stop at BAKERS! They have the BEST bean and cheese burritos!

Then it was onto Arizona! After a few random stops, we arrived six hours later and went straight to bed to make sure we were up early for the Expo!

I  met so many awesome people there and thought it was a long weekend, it was really cool meeting people who read my blog, who love our race and who I’ve been waiting to meet forever! Here’s my co-worker and I who everyone confuses us at twins? Weird, neither of us see it, but hey, we’ll take it! It’s funny because people also asked us if we were promo girls for the race? What? Weird, if I was going to hire promo girls for our booth they would be a lot better looking than us! :)

I saw my friends Lori and Lisa, and Lori PR’ed in AZ big time!!! Way to kick some tail out there girl!

I FINALLY got a picture with Skinny Runner aka Sarah, whom I see everywhere, when she passes me in races, since she’s blazing fast!

I also finally met Emily and saw Andrea…. Who, dun-dun-dunnnnnnn…. we all share the same last name! Could we be sisters? :)

I also got to meet MEB!!!!! I was so excited to meet him, especially since I just read his book (twice) and love his message and how humble he is. Seriously an awesome guy. It was so exciting to meet him and he is so nice and sweet and took many pictures with me to make sure that I got a good picture with him.

Then my twin and I stood by Snoopy! How can you not like Snoopy!

Finally, we met up with my friend Lulu from Dirty Martini Diaries, and she is a HOOT and I just love her!

It was great meeting so many people and even thought we got back really late on Saturday, it was hard getting up Sunday morning for my run, but I was really glad I did. Though I only had a 6 miler on my schedule, I know it’s most important right now to get miles in and so I went out for a 10 miler. It was pretty hot out but I finished it with an average pace of 9:17 which was a relief that I could complete it after my shins were killing me on my last run. I was a little sore but it was still a good run and I’m glad I went bigger and got the double long run in this week. Now back to work today after spending some time on the lake yesterday. Yes, it was 83 degrees here! Holla!

Tomorrow I will have a review of something cool so stay tuned!


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