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Training for LA 2011!

I finally completed my training plan. I had to figure a few things out with work before committing to any races, and as luck would have it, the first race I planned to do this year I’ll be in Arizona for :( So that has to be skipped. I’m also bummed because I was an idiot and waited on registering for Surf City and missed signing up. There goes my Longboard Legacy. Oh well. Maybe I will just run for fun with someone elses bib or I can keep my plan the same as it is now and skip it.

Anyways, I am really overwhelmed when I run a lot of days a week. I get sluggy and slothy and I hate my life and turn into a hermit. We all know this. My first training plan I was running 6 days a week and HATED MY LIFE. My 2nd one and best training plan was for Long Beach 2009 and I did the best when running 4 days but still at the end I was a little burned out. I’m shooting for three days with quality runs. For me it’s not about putting in the sloggy miles, it’s about making all my runs quality. I really know I can work hard even though I hate winter running. Since October is my favorite marathon running month and also the month when my work life spirals out of control, I will not be running any fall marathons. It was a really sad decision for me to make and it really made me think about how I must really be on top of my training this spring and winter in order to make my spring marathons count.

So with that being said. I will be running the LA Marathon on March 20th and since I’m a marathon maniac, I decided that 2011 will be the year of my first back to back weekend races! I will be running the Oakland Marathon the weekend after LA with my maniac sister, Tara! I am pretty excited and hope to erase my personal worst time at LA last year!

You can click on the image if you want to see it larger. I really feel that doing these workouts and having quality runs over quantity of miles will work better for me. I also might do some track workouts on tempo days or intervals on tempo days, pending how my “speed” is. I know things can be tweaked as time goes on but I know that these miles are all attainable and I will be able to work with this schedule. As my friend Tara said to me yesterday, it’s not about how many miles you run, it’s not going to be on your headstone! Sometimes it’s easy to get mileage obsessed and I want to be healthy and feel great, that’s the goal of of the New Year. So possibly eating that whole medium pizza the other day wasn’t the best idea. :/

I also am including gym days in my schedule and I can go to the gym on my off days too if I want. Swimming, hard cardio and weights on the ‘cardio’ days is what I’m planning on doing. I really feel healthier when I am feeling stronger and I run better as well so including those and making them count is really important to me.

The possible races are still up in the air but I want to run a few races this year before ‘busy season’ when I can’t race at all, so I will make sure to get all my racing in during the spring and early summer! I am excited for this plan and I haven’t had that feeling in a long time. Making a plan and sticking to it is all about working it out for YOU and doing things YOU want to do! Here’s to going back to back weekends in 2011!


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