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I drank the Lululemonade

So I have a confession. I never wanted to be that girl that sported the lululemon gear, well perhaps I wanted to sport it, but I guess I didn’t want to pay the price for it. I always loved it, super cute, fun colors, don’t get me wrong, but capris for the upwards of $100? Are you insane? I have loans to pay off! I lusted after them but another thing that was a little over the top for me is paying that much for something that I will sweat in. It was on thing to spend that much on clothes that I’d get a lot of wear in, but a lot of the capris I bought last season were already in the ‘see-through’ stages. They were not cheap and I can’t imagine paying that much for something that would end up in the same see through boat, and who wants nasty sweat all over your new expensive capris. If I want to buy something expensive, I can tell you that it will most likely be jeans. Alas, I always see tons of people in US Weekly sporting their Lululemon gear.

And I think maybe if I get some lululemon gear, I’ll be featured on the pages running through Santa Monica and getting hit on by John Mayer. Most likely not.

All the bright colors and soft material made me want it. Bad. But I stayed far, far away. I even know everyone says there’s something about it that just makes your butt look amazing. I wouldn’t know though because I never had anything.

That is not my butt. Nor do I know who that butt belongs too. But that little U kept sucking me in. I always wanted to get something and wear it while I was out and about, running, at the gym. Then, one day at work, my co-worker, who does obscene amounts of yoga with her roommate who is a yogi (isn’t that what they call yoga teachers?) brought me a bag full of clothes. Inside were three pairs of her yogi roommates old Lululemon capris. I about died on the spot. I couldn’t believe it. The supplex material that they are made of basically is the most amazing fabric ever, and the whole ‘forgiving’ thing that they say that the capris do, totally true. They suck in everything for some reason and are the most deceiving things ever. I love.

So now I’m that girl. I wear my lululemon around happy as a clam. I put them on when I run every so often, and man. I must say, there is nothing to describe their softness. Le Sigh. I am sucked in. I have taken a little swig of the Lululemonade and I want more, more, more! I peruse their sale section of their site, and if I ever see anything that I must have, I will pounce on it like a cheetah. I still haven’t bought anything yet, but even with my used lulus, I am in lululemon heaven! I never realized that I would get trapped so easily. And now, looking at the price tags makes me wish I never even took a sip. I got one taste of the lululemonade and I am hooked! The sweetness is just to overwhelming and is has overpowered me! I am now a lululemon addict.  I am now guzzling the lululemonade by the cupful! I still rarely wear them because I don’t want to ruin them, but man, I must admit, they are my new love. The way they fit, the fact that I can wear a size small, the material, the way they just suck everything in and pull everything up. It’s like they are magical. Now, just to find John Mayer….


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