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Great workouts end with…

So I had an awesome workout on Tuesday night and was just starting to feel awesome about training again. I hit a great tempo pace (8:15s) and was on target for my training this week. I was just starting to feel consistent and then wha whaaaaaa totally got ran over by the sickness truck and have been dealing with a cold this whole rest of the weekend. I know that I’m a very mental runner and getting sick makes me psych myself out big time. I was really nervous about my long run not being completed this weekend, but I let my nose do all the running and kept myself pumped with drugs.

I thought about doing my long run yesterday but I have run when I was sick before and it makes things so much worse. So I skipped the long run and called half the week a wash and got right back into training this morning with a trip to the gym. I feel much better about it and will go for a 16-18 miler this weekend. It actually works out perfectly too since this is the one weekend I’ll be in town out of the next three weeks. I’d much rather do a long run on my home turf. So this week I will prepare for that and I am feeling much, much better after getting rid of my cold!

On another weird and unrelated note, I’m looking for something to help ‘erase’ my large black under eye circles. Ever since Long Beach, I haven’t been able to recover! I don’t know what’s up but the black bags under my eyes look horrible! If you have any great tricks, tips or products, let me know. I put on some anti-aging cream every night but would love something to get rid of the blackness so I don’t get the whole ‘you look so tired’ all the time. I want to take out my pink peal erasure and get to work on them! Alas if it was only so easy :) So if you have any ideas or tips let me know!

And here’s a little gem from the Carlsbad Expo this weekend with my co-worker and I working our booth. :)

I also saw the movie No Strings Attached last night and really liked it! This morning I got up early and went to the gym and felt great. I know tomorrow mornings tempo run will be great and then I’ll be right back on track. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in what you haven’t done instead of what you have accomplished!


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