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Good runs and poopy ones

So everything was going dandy, I was getting in some awesome runs and then I got a little sick but am feeling much better now. You know what comes with great runs? Pretty bad ones! Last night I took off for my 7 miler and could only get in 4.5 because my shins were hurting SO bad. Bummer, but alas, I headed to the gym last night and this morning and am feeling better. I iced twice and am going to work on stretching them all day today at work today and tomorrow to make sure I can get in my 6 miler tomorrow morning and then my long run this weekend. Talk about setbacks! I know that bad runs come with good ones though, so I’m sure it’s just a little rut and I’ll be out of it soon with a little bit of stretching!

Even though I’m not totally sold on waking up at 5:30 in the morning to be the first in line when the gym doors open, waking up to this is making life a lot easier.

And for the month of January, I’ve already run 59.7 miles, which is the most I’ve run in any month since October! So with the good stuff sometimes comes bad stuff, but I’m liking how training is going thus far and am glad that I am going the route I have worked out!


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