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So after posting my training plan, someone commented about how I wasn’t running enough nor reaching my full potential. At first when I got this comment I was a little baffled and upset. I thought I explained pretty thoroughly about why I was using the plan I was using and my reasoning behind it. Of course I would love to be able to run more, but working 60 hours a week, having friends and family and also having to keep myself sane, doesn’t allow for an abundance of running time, and I’m more than okay with that. That’s why I came up with the plan I made.

As for not reaching my full potential. That’s probably true. It’s funny, because sometimes when I’m out running, well most of the time when I’m out running, I get lost in really deep thought. My mind just wanders away and it’s like I pick it back up when I’m done running. I have to remind myself sometimes that I’m not the runner I once was. I did the whole running is my life thing for four years. I worked HARD. I trained about 20 hours a week. I think that’s when I was at my ‘full potential’ and guess what. I’m a LONG way from that now. I enjoy leisurely running. I enjoy running for fun. I don’t enjoy hitting times and over analyzing everything I am training for and running so hard I throw up. Those days are in my past. They were fun. Running fast is fun. It took me a lot to get to a place where I’m okay with my times and not going out and running as hard and as fast as I can every single run. I just can’t do that anymore. I may not be at my full potential, but for me, my definition of success is being healthy and enjoying life. If I’m doing that, then I’m good.

So many people ask me about Boston. I want to go sure. I want to run Boston. But I’ve never had this incredible drive like so many have, and I think you must have, to qualify. I almost feel like I worked that hard before in High School and now I’m happy to be where I’m at. Once I broke four hours, it was my Boston moment. It was all I ever wanted. I may break four hours again, I may not, but I’m happy with where I am at running wise. I have good runs and bad runs, but they all make me a stronger person in the end and that’s all that matters.

I was thinking yesterday while on my 6 miler, it’s been almost TEN YEARS since I got my 5k PR. I was in HIGH SCHOOL. You know what, I worked so hard for that and I’m okay that I will never be that fast again. My most recent 5k PR was over 2 minutes slower. That’s more than okay! I’m not okay with the fact that it was almost 10 years ago! Snikes I’m getting old!

I don’t know, that comment just made me think about a lot of things. I do this for me. I run for me. I don’t care what your time is, I don’t hate my faster friends for being faster than me. My slower friends don’t hate me because I’m faster. As long as they are working hard, doing something that they want to, who cares! If they are having fun and enjoying themselves, who cares! If you are getting off the couch and doing yoga, great for you! If you are walking 2 miles a day in your tone up shoes, keep up the good work! If you are running an 8 hour marathon, good for you for finishing. It’s all about movement, fitness and doing things that make you happy.

I purposefully scheduled my plan around Bachelor night with my roommate on Mondays. Because it’s something fun and I just have cardio that day and I can enjoy watching the show. Seriously. That’s what my life has become and I love it! I love working out, but there is a fine line in my life where working out becomes a burden and I don’t like it anymore. I don’t want it to get to that point. I want to enjoy it, so therefore, do what YOU like. Don’t worry about what other people might say if it takes you forever to cross the finish line, at least you did it.

And that my friends is deep thoughts while running.


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