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Portland Trip

City of ROSES! I love you! I had SO much fun up in Portland this past weekend! From all the shopping I did to the little Jingle Bell 5k I ran, it was a blast and the weather was just beautiful. One of my main concerns was that I would freeze to death, but wearing 4 shirts and a jacket kept me pretty warm! I basically only have ‘warm clothes’ from forever 21, which equals out to be sweaters that are see thru and then fake pea coats which are more for fashion than warmth. It was such a great trip and Portland is gorgeous. The cold brisk air was a nice change and I also got in another run besides the 5k which was a fun way to explore the city.

Heading up, the flight wasn’t bad at all, even though it was at 6:00 in the morning! Hence the tired eyes. We got there, hit up the airport bar as we waited for a friend to arrive from Scottsdale. It was really fun especially because the “Civil War” game was also this weekend when Oregon State and Oregon were playing each other. Everyone was geared up in all their colors all weekend. After we took the train to the hotel and dropped our bags, we went to Deschutes Brewery, shopped around and went to the Rouge Brewery as well. We stopped at a lot of places to look at different random stuff and also went to a great bar called Henrys.

Friday morning I got up and ran around a bit, over by Portland State University and it was so nice to be in a new area and just run without my Garmin, who sadly couldn’t get any satellite. It was a great morning and I easily got in 3 miles. Running in a long sleeve, long pants, jacket, mittens and my north face ear warmer made for a perfect run and I wasn’t cold! It is such a nice city!

View from the Hotel room. Gorgeous! We ate more and more and more and just hung out around town. No sales tax is pretty awesome. :)

I was lucky enough to find a little 5k before I left to go up there to run while I was in town. It was a fun course right along the water and I’ll have my race recap up tomorrow. :)

It was really fun though!

Finally, I had a great meet up with my aunt and uncle who drove all the way from Portland to have lunch with me. I haven’t seen them in forever and they are so fun! I love them so much and it was great to catch up. Then, I took the train back to the lovely airport and got on the plane ride from HELL. It was the WORST flight I have ever been on. There was SO much turbulence and I hate flying as it is. My palms were so sweaty and my body is achy today from clenching for two hours. How embarrassing. It was really bad though. People were screaming… Yea, not cool.

But overall, a great trip and I LOVE Portland and can’t wait to visit again soon! Tomorrow is the little 5k race recap and then Wednesday is the giveaway winners picked and the next Decemeber giveaway! YAY!


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