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Merry Christmas from my flock to yours!

I have really been working hard to get back into the fitness swing of things. Being a lucky bird and having three weeks off from work, I know I can get back in the groove and I’m really excited about it. I ran Friday and Saturday morning, IN THE RAIN. Big step for me. I also went to the gym both those days. The good soreness is back and I’ve officially kicked off training for the LA Marathon! I will go over my plan and schedule in an upcoming post and will post tomorrow about my upcoming race, the day after Christmas.

This morning I had another encouraging run as well, and beat the rain and only ran in the drizzle. With 4.5 miles under my belt and another great workout session, I know this time off will really allow me to start training right and I’m really excited about it. Back to the grindstone and it feels great!

The other day I was tweeting a picture of my tree with all the pretty presents underneath. There’s one for my friend Tara under there so I text it to her so she could see it before I mailed it to her.

I told her to look under the dangly legs of the Flamingo and it was right there. I didn’t realize it but I have been collecting flamingos/flamingo themed things for a while. It was something that my mom and I liked because they were pink and we made them kind of represent Breast Cancer Awareness. So we liked them a lot and somehow this transformed into getting flamingo ornaments after she passed away from a few people, mostly my aunt. After Tara saw one, I told her I would take her on a Flamingo Tour of my tree! I had NO idea I had so many Flamingo Ornaments, but I LOVE them! So I thought I would share them with everyone!

First off, we have present flamingo with the Santa Hat. I don’t know why but the eye kind of creeps me out on this one.

Next is a little flamingo with a wreath around it’s neck, how festive and fitting on the tree!

Then we have a little flamingo who is out fishing and even has a fish and little flip flops.

Then we have his match carrying his fish and dressed in a bikini, with flip flops and a little grass skirt.

Another swimming flamingo in an inner tube and little goggles and flippers!

Santa is getting in the flamingo mood with a flamingo inner tube and some flippers!

Another innertubed flipper clad flamingo, this one has a little lei and a bikini too.

The ballerina flamingo! I love how sparkly this one is and I love the little crown. It’s even got little ballerina shoes!

A little fluffy flamingo with feathers!

Then we have dangly legs! This one is SO heavy that it looks like he’s hanging himself :(

Lastly, I have just a regular flamingo!

I love all the ornaments and really realized that this is a tradition that I have and I gladly am going to be looking for more flamingos to add to my flock!

Merry Christmas from my flock to yours!


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