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That racing itch

So I’m starting to get antsy. I haven’t run a race, at all, since October 3rd, my last marathon. It’s that time of the year where everyone is running races every weekend and the fall leaves are crunching under your feet when you run and I’ll admit, I’m getting a serious case of race jealousy! I think it’s that maniac coming out in me. :) So I’ve decided that I want to run a 5k in about two weeks. I think it will be a small around town 5k somewhere nearby but I’m excited to have a goal and to train for something again. After that I think the next up will be a half in January and Surf City Half, to join the Longboard Legacy Club, in February. Then we have March. I think this is keeping my racing itch at bay because I know I’ve got a lot of training to do. I have three marathons that I’m thinking about in March. Doing all them is a different story, but I think if I stay consistent with a good base it won’t be a problem. A few are up north too, which makes me excited because that means it’s a kill two birds with one stone situation since I get to see all my friends up there and I LOVE running up there!

It’s strange how seeing other people get out and race makes you want to do the same. I have been reading so many race recaps and inspiring stories that I want to get out there and race again. Finally having a little downtime I think I  can squeeze a short race in, perhaps in two to three weeks.

I think it’s also last weekend that I missed this.The Malibu Marathon. I don’t know why, but I truly was really upset that I missed it. I’ve never had that feeling before.

and this

And seeing everyone else out there enjoying Malibu and running made me jealous. I also went to a small race this weekend for work and it was fun to see everyone getting ready to run. So now I’m searching for a 5k. I’m fully back in the swing of things and ready to scratch that racing itch! I also got these pictures from the Camarillo Marathon for free since the race was so bad. I guess free pictures make up for no bathrooms, no cups and no food at the finish? :)

YAY! I can now visually remember the craziest race ever! :)


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