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Nathan Fuel Belt Review

Well my first fuel belt was a single water bottle that sat on my back when I ran. Though I didn’t like using the fuel belt because of the bounce factor, sometimes on long runs you just have to suck it up and use it because you need some water. Chafing is also awesome and comes with wearing a fuel belt most of the time. I was sent by the nice people at a Fuel Belt that has two smaller bottles on the sides. When I’m not running a race and doing a long run, I know I have to fuel myself somehow and I’ve come to like this fuel belt for these times much better than the single bottle fuel belt I used to have. I have run some longer runs with it and think it works out great for them. I usually can also shove a little something in the back pocket, like sharkies or a peanut butter and jelly along with my phone and some salt tabs. It works out well for me and I do like using it when there are no other options for water. I usually just fill the water bottles with plain water and it also helps to know that if I ever lose a bottle I could buy new ones since they are a pretty normal size.

I liked how this one had a large velcro section to attach it to myself so you can make it whatever size you want it to be on your body. I felt like this one, since the weight of the water was more evenly displaced didn’t bounce as much, but I have to be honest, there was still a little bounce.

I really liked the little extra pocket on the back, even though it’s small I can shove a lot of crap into it. :) It also is really helpful when I have to take a salt pill or immodium out while running because I know I can take it whenever I eat.

Also, a friend saw me running the other day and said I looked pretty professional with my fanny pack. So that is a plus. When I run a long distance and they see me stumbling around at mile 17 at least hopefully people see the pack and think I at least kind of know what I’m doing. :) Make sure¬† you check out where I got it from. They have tons of cool camping, hiking and running stuff on there! I love their sale section too.

Overall, I really liked the velcro strap width though. That made it much easier to sit on my waist. I also found that the lower I wear it and almost the looser I wear it, it fits better, which is strange because I would think that the tighter I wear it, the better it would fit. I like this option much better than the single bottle though and totally recomend it for a longer run when you need to carry your fuel! I still love opting for water stations in races though… Unless water stations look like THIS!

I could post that picture every day for a month I tell you. Never. Gets. Old.

On another note. This Halloween I was a penguin.

Kicking off November and working out is in my future. Can’t wait to get back on the train and follow my ‘new plan’. Really looking forward to getting some shorter speedier miles in!


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